Friday, June 18, 2010

Left to my own devices...

...I could pretty much sleep the day away :-o

Vegas woke me up at 8:15am this morning, usual time, except instead of getting up and starting my day I fell right back asleep until he shook me awake again an hour later. Crap! I hate oversleeping! Specially when the morning is sunny and scorching hot and the flocks are locked in their stuffy coops!

I really need to get to bed earlier than midnight, this is ridiculous.

Not having a "real job" is making me feel guilty for not slaving in other ways 40 hours a week, you know? And I'm not even a practicing catholic, LOL!


Time to slather on the SPF and get busy with the gardening before we get swallowed up by weeds - I'm about to take the scythe to the flower beds and be done with it!

Happy Friday, peeps :)

/end of Blurry Brain post/


prin said...

Hehe, if it had been me and I got woken up twice like that, there would have been some sort of death goin' on. :D

Nothing wrong with sleeping in, aside from the self-judgment. ;)

prin said...

(And 9:17 is not sleeping in.)

Anonymous said...

You work harder than most people do in a 40 hour work week. I don't know how you do it!

Just Breathe said...

Hope your day goes well and have a great weekend.

Busy Bee Suz said...

:0 lose the put in far more than hours!!!!

ModernMom said...

From all your posts I've read....sounds like you have a "real" job to me! Those little chickens sound like a lot of work!!

Adventures In China said...

Must be something in the air, the same thing has been happening to me.

I echo tonyadesigns, I'd be freakin exhausted after everything you do! You work very hard.

Have a great weekend!

C said...

you DONT work a real 40 hour per week job?

WTF and where is my nicky... someone stole her and replaced her with an imposteur!

you work harder than someone who works a 40 hour week.

stop dissin yourself, sistah!

and sleeping in? you deserve to.