Thursday, June 10, 2010

Scraping the bottom of the brain pan

Good lord, I must have started and erased this post half a dozen times already.

Nothing I write feels interesting nor does it reflect my lift. It's like words are locked inside my head, hiding behind fuzzy headaches, to-do lists and and the panic that time is melting away faster than butter in a fire.

Life these days revolves around family and farm life - I recently found evidence Vegas is a true farmer no matter how much he protests, LOL!
We do enjoy a good laugh... ;-)

I spend my days cleaning stuff, cutting and weeding and pulling stuff, fixing stuff and trying to get this place to look like a home. Most jobs are menial and quite pointless as they immediately need re-doing time after time, but yesterday's endeavor was freaking satisfying!
Yey! Job crossed off my list after a whole year! :)

Dang, it feels good to see some progress!

Today's drizzly, rainy, sleepy. I slept okay-ish but am super foggy-brained, I can't seem to wake up or get any mojo going. Even after coffee. I may just be getting old. May.

Or I may have overdone it a bit yesterday. May.

Tomorrow I get to dress up in civilized clothes and go shopping - June is a month of birthdays all around and I'll be damned if I'm late with cards and gifts again this year! There's my mom, then Vegas, then my dad, then father's day, then my stepmom... and that's just family!

Today's for feeling drunk without drinking, tired without sleeping (wait - that's not right!) - I have to scrub the coop walls as the stink is getting a bit much, hoover the house (4200 sqf of hoovering, ugh), pay some bills, organize paperwork as my office desk is a mess, brush the coat-blowing akitas and make something nice for dinner - there's a bag of baby potatoes that needs to be cooked but I've no idea what to make with it... Scalloped taters? Tater n'cheese quiche? Tater soup? :-/

Bah. I'll figure it out.

Leaving you with a giggle!

A guy walks into a bar and notices two pieces of meat on the ceiling. He asks the bar man for a pint and the bar man asks, "Don't you want to participate in our competition?"

The guy asks "What's it all about?" The barman informs him, "All you have to do is get those pieces of meat off the ceiling and you get a free pint! If you fail you have to buy the whole pub a drink."

The guy replies, "No I don't think so mate... Those steaks are far too high!"

/end of Sleepy post/


Busy Bee Suz said...

Your front steps look great!!!!
Have fun shopping.
ps. I love roasted potatoes with garlic, onions and red peppers!!!
Take care, Suz

dons_mind said...

you do nice work! you also take great photos! we luv roasted potatos with anything......... keep smiling!

Lady Banana said...

I'm still jealous of that beautiful big house, even though there is so much to hoover!

Frank said...

Just get a small army of those Roomba robot vacuum cleaners, set them loose around the house, and then call it a day and go back to bed.

Just Breathe said...

Wow, your home is really big. Great job on the front steps!
Have a great weekend.

Adventures In China said...

Wow, nice job on the paint job! It looks very professional. Your house is beautiful.