Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Woo! I gone done it!

One big project checked off my list... The feathered teenagers have been successfully moved to their new coop, which they seem to love!

*pats self on aching back*

One more big move left and then by the weekend everyone should be all set for the summer. Yey! I do not want to think about autumn yet, when the runs will have to be painstakingly taken down and everyone moved to the stables for the winter... UGGGH.

Instead, I will focus on planning Vegas' birthday, which is tomorrow.

Gifts are all purchased and a few need wrapping, cake is planned for tomorrow afternoon and then we'll cook a nice dinner together, have some wine, take it easy... It's supposed to rain so no BBQ and we live too far to have his friends over for dinner so I guess he'll have to settle with little ol'me.

Yeah, I know... I feel sorry for him too! :-/

I just realized I forgot to put deodorant on today.

Oh gross.

I can't stand smelly or dirty people - it's like personal hygiene is an option for some folks, you know? It's flipping offensive to have to endure these slobs in tight public spaces, christ in any public space. Really. You can afford a pack of cigarettes a day but not a bar of soap for the month?
Case in point:

'Nuff said.

On that note, I'm off to fix my deo problem, make the bed with freshly-laundered sheets and then go shovel some chicken poop. In that order. Do I rock, or what? :-D

/end of It's The Pits post/


Busy Bee Suz said...

Congrats on getting stuff checked off you list. That is awesome.

I think Vegas will love his bday with little ol' you. :0

Deodorant? what is that? And why are all these flies hanging about my house?

Piper said...

ok so what is on her butt?

I love birthday parties, I am sure it will be fun with friends or no friends, maybe you can have an impromptu dance party! Those are the best!

Just Breathe said...

Glad that everyone is settled in and I bet they are loving it. I can hardly look at that pictures.

prin said...

Obviously you underestimate the awesome that is your company.

prin said...

(ass flies and all...)

C said...

oui tu a fait tout ca!!!!!

yep you dun gone an dun it fo shure...


that picture is f..... gross. who would not know they a fait caca in dere pants? gross... gags.

happy happy birthday to your sweet manhubbster... hey theres a new word...

i hope his day is wonderful and i know it twill be cuz it'll be wiff you, madame.

happy happy day!

bissous a vous!!!!!


Technodoll said...

Busy Bee, watch out for the fliiiiies! You need froggies :-D

Piper... those are flies on her butt... LOL LOL!

Just Breathe, I know eh? eeeew!

Prin, dat ain't my flies! LOL :-D

C, awe merci ma belle! I'll do my best to make things special..!

Its Just Me - Daring to Dream said... a loss for words on the picture (LOL)....

Adventures In China said...

Hope you both have a great birthday celebration!

That picture...ew!

Lady Banana said...

Yuck, flies round her bum like that - gross!

I have to put up with lots of stinky patients, I do not understand why!!