Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mary, Mary, quite contrary... does your garden grow?

(for the sake of the story, let's pretend I'm Mary!)

There's war going on. A weed and bush war... and so far I've been losing, big time! Sigh. I try to keep up with the dogs, the flock, the house and the greedy lawn but the gardens are giving me a headache in their ambition to morph overnight into giant piles of crap.

I've already dispatched one "garden", ie gave the nice plants to a neighbor and relocated the rest, then ripped the weeds, tilled the soil, topped with fertilizer and seeded with grass. It's growing in nicely and I'm so pleased, it really opens up our yard space into something pleasant and useable!


There are so many other gardens that need the same treatment, I don't know where to begin. I can't keep up with the weeding. And let's not even talk about the vineyard in the front of our house... Major headache and even worse embarrassment. But anyways.
Take for example one of the North gardens:

Nobody sees this pile of crap besides us,
so come autumn it's being dispatched, baby.
I can't wait!

Thistles. Thorns. Dandelions. Bracken. Spiders. Slugs.
Invasive, fast-growing weeds. Stinky shrubs. Wild flowers.
Creeping vine weeds. Garden snakes. Poison oak.
Welcome to hell!

After two long sweaty hours of vigorous weeding
and then cleaning up the mess, it still looks like garbage
because there are only two plants worth anything in there.

Look at all those bare spots - nasty!
Can't wait to tear it all up and make it pretty with smooth lawn.
Maybe I'll do it sooner than later, hmmm!

I'd rather keep busy with the flower beds and lawn that give this place nice curb appeal and nuke the stuff that's just a pain in the ass. Maintaining 12 acres isn't as dreamy as it sounds, you know! Says the woman with burning, itchy hives on her arms from poison oak and other assorted nasty weeds that choke up her life.

OK time to go collect the eggs, walk the dogs and then hop in the shower for a well-deserved scrub. I was going to get groceries since tomorrow is a provincial holiday and everything is closed, but screw it. We'll manage with what we have for a day, shopping can wait.

Wooo! Liberating! :-D

/end of Project Mayhem post/


Lou said...

I just call our overgrown areas 'wildlife habitats' and the weeds are 'wild flowers'....

We rent our fields to horse people, but one field 'Home Field' is ours to play in. Can't even walk in it at the moment, so high is the grass... sorry, I mean 'wild meadow flowers'.

I sympathise but really I love the wildness of it all....

Busy Bee Suz said...

Gardening is not for sissies.
I agree, grass is much easier to handle. Good luck!

prin said...

If we were neighbors, I'd steal your lilies. :D

JeanMarie said...

I totally get it! Gardening is much too hard. Especially all the weeding - it just never ends! The reason Mary was quite contrary was the WEEDS!

Just Breathe said...

Just looking at the pictures has tired me out. It does look better but that is so much work for you.
Bet that shower felt good.

C said...

cant you just mow it all down with your tractor and then plant grass seed..or gravel, or mulch? keep it simple, and save yourself alot of work. beautiful yard, though..

yeah, theres no way we'd be able to keep up wiff all that, mon amie.

good luck...

ModernMom said...

I vote fill er up with some pretty rocks! I hate weeks!