Saturday, June 19, 2010


Infomercials crack me up.

Not just for the dumbest products on earth, but for the "acting"! Take a peek and tell me you didn't burst out laughing at least once!

I mean... Really?

He he. I totally missed my calling :-D

It's scorching hot today, nice and sunny too. Until the sun slants a bit to give us some shade, I'm stuck inside the house... My arms are starting to look like chocolate sticks while the rest of me still glows in the dark. Yeah, not really sexy.

Guess I'll get on with hoovering and washing grimy floors... Ah yes, my life is soooo glamorous!

On a parting note... Who the hell invented the concept of clowns, anyways? It's not sane! Grown-up men (and sometimes women) walking around in funny clothing with giant shoes, grotesquely painted white pasty faces, smeared with blood-red lips, drunkard noses and electrocuted wigs?

Is this supposed to be funny or entertaining? Really?

So on that note... what do you think of the circus?

/end of Whattaday post/


Adventures In China said...


I hate clowns! I was just having this discussion with a friend the other day. The movie Poltergeist still freaks me out, because of that damn clown. UGH.

Yay for sunshine! Chocolate stick arms? Lol. Sunscreen is your friend!

Anonymous said...

That Clown is Scary, from that movie "It" I hate the circus, they are just plane wrong. (cuz of the anmimals of course)

Just Breathe said...

Well that clown is scary for sure!
Horrible commercials, I wonder why sometimes! Who really okays them.

C said...

i HATE clowns! always have, always will. and i hate circus's and will never go to one. never took me kids to one either. i hate how animals are treated there. i'm not much on fairs either, just go for the good food. well, i used to. not so much these last 10 years or so.

clowns are just creepy.

those terrible money wasting commercials suck big time!


Busy Bee Suz said...

Infomercials are for the insane.
Hey, I loved the circus as a kid...I was never scared of clowns until I read the Steven King book: IT. Holy moses that scared the clown out of me.

TD get yourself this new invention they call SUNSCREEN. :) Chocolate arms are only for eating.

Have fun hoovering...have you noticed less mess without Dante??

Oh I miss him...but then again, I did not have to clean up with the big baby boy.
Have a great night.

Farley said...

LOL that old woman wheres my car? lol oh and technodoll less than a mnth till i come!!!!!!!!!!!! wooooooo

Farley said...

i miss dante too but we are still gonna visit him xx

Farley said...

arent we technodoll?

Frank said...

I hate clowns...HATE...CLOWNS...