Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Oddities, in point form

I sometimes think my brain's developing holes, tiny vortexes where all common sense flies out the window when I'm not looking.

Is this aging, or I am just "special"?!

-This morning, I wrote a list of meals for the week on the fridge's whiteboard and only noticed later that I had written quiche "quish".

-I'll put a pot of whatever to cook on the stove and if I'm not standing right next to it the whole time, I'll forget it's there and everything will boil over into a giant mess on the stove top. Every. Single. Freaking. Time.

-I've been known to leave a load of clean, wet laundry in the washing machine for days.

-Leftovers as well as a large amount of fresh produce will rot in the fridge as I forget we even have the stuff.

-Did I take my birth control pill or not last night? Dang! Not again! You'd think I'd have the routine down pat after a couple of decades...

-Gosh, I really should empty those garbage bins that are in the stable... Every week I remind myself to do it on trash day and every week, I forget.

-etc, etc, etc, etc... etc.

Don't laugh, I have legit cause for concern... Ever since I was little, my maternal grandmother would always laugh and say "oh it's alzheimer's!" when she forgot or misplaced something. I used to think it was cute until we realized she really was going senile. She barely remembers how to butter her toast now and has completely lost her short-term memory.

It's scary.

/end of Eat Your Fish! post/


prin said...

me... me... me... me... also me... me... me, me.... me...

whatevs. :D

I set the timer all the time when I cook now. All the time. :D

Busy Bee Suz said...

I do a lot of that too....we are just a bit scattered because we do so much stuff. Right?

C said...

yeah i agree with suz, it's ONLY because we do so much that we get frazzled....

i do these things too. i cant wait for you to get big daddy. i do believe animals choose us. our doggie bella chose me when i sat in her cage at the humane society. she put her head on my shoulder and leaned against me... awwww

bless the beasts and the children.

Farley said...

cant wait until tommorow!!!! x

Janean said...

busy life.
being creative.
being over...uh...25...*wink*
these are excuses i use.
forgetting what to do is not scary.
forgetting HOW is.
relax, you're human.

Just Breathe said...

I just read something the other day about things that help to keep Alzheimers away but I can't remember where!
How old is your grandmother?

Lady Banana said...

You wrote that list for me as well!!

One of my most frequent problems is going to another room and forgetting what I went there for - happens all the time :(