Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Monday!

The holiday is over... My stepdaughter flew home last night, hope she got there OK... Her arms must be very tired! Teehee!

Yesterday was for hanging out and doing fun stuff and chilling out, Canadian-style:
Vegas spoiled her with a giant slushie:

They got artsy with modeling clay:

She's a camera-ham!

I had forgotten to show you the most wonderful gift she brought me from England, isn't this the craziest roo you've ever seen? I LOVES HIM!! He's big and wiggly and responds to the name "Timmeh" so far... LOL!

Thank you Farley!

Today is for catching up on a million things... The weather's finally broken and it's just fantastic: dry, sunny, nice breeze - perfect for mowing the foot-high lawn! Our neighbor's going to help us as the job is just too huge so it should be fun. Ish.

In other news Big Daddy is now out in the pasture with his new friend, Black, and it's going very well - they're already inseparable so that's a huge weight off our shoulders.

We need help training him though - it's a delicate balance between not spooking him, not getting hurt, getting him to trust us and not letting him get away with disobedience just because he's so huge. The lady who did his transport offered her assistance as she trains horses so it will be one great adventure.

Life, never boring!

Gotta run, errands and housework are shouting out doooooooooooo meeeeeee!!

And I listen well.

/end of Finally Summer post/


JeanMarie said...

Your life is amazing! And your energy level enviable! Love Timme, too cute. How long did stepdaughter stay? seems like she just got there and now she's home again.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I LOVE modeling clay and slushies. She and I could be besties. :)
Safe travels cutie pie.

C said...

whatta cute roo!!! i love stuff like that too.

did farley tell you i read her blog? she is so cute. i bet you guys miss her alot when she has to go back.

glad big dada is adjusting well. bless his little giant body and heart.

Farley said...

lol busy bee im right here hiya! jean marie i stayed there for eleven days c i bet they miss me :) lol x

prin said...

The funny thing was the second you said Vegas was doing clay things, I was all ready for the usual pictures of his masterpieces. *disappointed* :D

Why doesn't she stay the whole summer anyway? ;)

Farley said...

because my dad works :( and i wold get RLLY homesick

Just Breathe said...

I bet you are going to miss her. It's sad that she lives so far away. Love the rooster she bought you. Glad that Big Daddy is out and about. Enjoy your week.

ModernMom said...

I don't know what beats a giant slushie and modeling clay! A perfect afternoon.

My Hubby used to love the challenge of those horses that needed a little extra TLC and it sounds like you do too! So rewarding when they finally trust you:)

Oh and I just have to add, your comment on my last post had tears streaming down my fast. Best one of the day!!