Saturday, July 31, 2010

Is July already over?!

How is this possible?

Only one more month of "real summer" and it's over?


I'll try to set up the tent in the back yard today since the weather's still nice and cool... Of course I can't do it without the help of my lovely Vegas so I hope he's in a good mood...

See, my hubby is actually two people so things can go either way.
You have the sweet, poised, well-behaved Vegas:

...and then you have the real cave man aka Smokin' Vegas:
He likes to burn BBQ our dinner to perfection:

He hunts, I gather (and shuck and boil and serve):

Well that was last night's yummy dinner... Miracle of miracles, I actually got my ass in gear and baked us a lovely batch of chewy spice raisin oatmeal cookies for dessert - treeeeeeeeeat! And yes they were very nummy :-)

What? They're healthy cookies: home-made, no preservatives or artificial anything, full of oat fiber goodness, farm-fresh eggs and raisins - I also cut the fat by substituting half the butter with unsweetened applesauce.

Très bon!

Because I'm nice I'll send you all a full virtual cookie tin, but not to Prin because she doesn't do raisins. More for me, yey!

PS: Prin I'll save you some eggs ;-)

/end of All About Food post/


C said...

sounds like you had a yummy dinner. i used to set the tent up in the yard too when the kids were younger and they'd camp out and i'd sneek out late and scare them!!! bwahahahah it was fun. then i'd have to sleep with them which was my intention all along. hee hee

Busy Bee Suz said...

Funny photos.
Your dinner looks and sounds delish.
And if cookies have raisins, they are health food!!!!!

Vegas said...

I done burned 'em good.

Roshan said...

The food looks delicious.

jaxjilmommy said...

TD, what is that on the grill?????? Nice pix. Vegas is hot

prin said...

lol Or oatmeal. Although the raisin thing is just pickiness. :D

Did you get yourself one of them air mattress thingies yet?

Just Breathe said...

The years are just flying by......
Love the pictures of Vegas and what a yummy dinner.

Technodoll said...

prin yes but it's not really for outside camping as it's too huge for the tent, LOL! oh well... thank goodness for good ol'yellow foam pads :)