Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Definition of ridiculous

Our summer is a pile o'crap.

Hot, steaming, muggy miserable crap.

I had to set up a make-shift bed in the basement last night to get any sleep and this is where we (the dogs and I) will be hiding out for most of the week. It's still bleddy hot down here, just less hot than anywhere else in the house.

Utter crap.

The dogs are miserable, the flocks are on the verge of heat stroke despite my best efforts to keep them cool - it's 35C (95F) with humidex right now and as of tomorrow it's climbing to 45C (113F). No relief at night either.

We're just not equipped to handle this crap. No AC, no pool, nothing. I can endure a day or two but a solid 10 days straight? WTF?

Chickens are fragile and can die of the heat, I'm terrified of losing any of them.

My poor babies!

I had to move one of the flocks from their sweltering coop to a corner of the stables, where it's a tiny bit less hot. In the process of hauling birds from one place to another (7 trips, tiny plastic dog carrier, bla bla bla) I got heat stroke myself. Vegas told me to get in the cold shower cuz I was looking kinda bad. Boiled tomato kinda bad, pissing sweat everywhere.

Yeah, the expression shouldn't be "I don't feel so hot" because hot damn, I do feel hot.

Hot enough to self-combust.

Out of desperation, we got a sprinkler and I hope it'll cool us all down a bit... the dogs need to be hosed to get them through the day, ugghh. Wet stinky dogs, that's all we need!

Is it autumn yet?

/end of Sheer Misery This Weather Can Piss Off post/


Curly said...

NOOOOOO!!!! Please, no autumn yet. I love the heat. Though I don't have chickens or dogs to care for, only kids, but you can throw those into the pool :)

Piper said...

Oh my goodness that sounds aweful, we have that kind of heat now, but we have AC. You should look into getting a window unit, they really help out! In the mean time just keep sticking your head in the freezer!

Lady Banana said...

Now that is a just a bit too hot!

It's been warm here about 24c - 30c and that's hot enough for me!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I had no idea you did not have a/c.
I feel for you...there is nothing more misserable than to be over heated. Sleep next to the sprinkler perhaps??

I hope it cools off soon.

C said...

awwww i dont remember it ever getting that hot in montreal when i was a kid... geeez wheres all this heat wave coming from? can you guys rent an air conditioner, per chance? for like one room...

wish i could bring my pool up there.


Anonymous said...

sorry it's so hot but it's way to cold here to be july in LA. It's only in the 60's and cloudy. what??? You can keep your humidity though. We don't want it. :)

prin said...

I hate the cold shower necessity. I hate summer. :(

Candice said...

It's a killer!!! I had a fan for half the night last night which helped A LOT and went out and bought a new one today so we don't have to compromise (a day with a day without)

Even though this weather is crazy, I refuse to complain because I just HATE winter and will keep this over winter temperatures.

Poor chickens though... They are like wearing a winter coat!

Just Breathe said...

I'm sorry about that, I hope they will all be okay. I was going to say that maybe you need to run through the sprinklers.

Adventures In China said...



Holy shniekies!!!

Girl, get thee to the Northern Territories!!