Friday, July 2, 2010

Pet peeves

It's a gorgeous, hot and sunny Friday, peeps! Woo!

I've got a to-do list that's a mile high but meh, sitting here on the couch letting the morning's coffee go down while watching the latest footie match on TV is taking precedence.

Oh, the laziness! :-D

Casper's leaving us this evening... it's a bittersweet moment. I posted the story in The Chicken Diaries if you want cute photos and stuff. It's a strange endeavor, this flock keeping business...

So yeah, I have a couple of pet peeves swirling around my mind and need to let out some steam, bear with me here:

1) People who don't return phone calls, specially when you request a call-back on their voice mail as you are waiting for answers or whatnot. This forces you to call AGAIN. These are not calls to strangers either, they're to family and friends - rude!

2) Stale cereal when you just opened the family-sized box 10 days ago. Waste!

3) Having to remind people they owe you money, after you've waited patiently for months for them to say something. Super rude!

4) Full kitchen trash bins, quasi-empty milk containers in the fridge, food crusted in the bottom of the sink or on the stove top, crumbs on the counters. Yeah OK I might have a slight case of OCD but merrrr! (no attack on you Vegas, just a general gripe!)

5) Walking out of the grocery store with a full cart and THEN remembering you yet again forgot to use those valuable coupons that are in your pocket. Fail!

There, I feel better now :-D

Hope you have a wonderful Friday, anybody celebrating the long weekend in a special way?

/end of Debbie's Not A Downer post/


prin said...

Wow. I have none of those problems. That never happens. :D

I hope your day resolves nicely. :D

Busy Bee Suz said...

Do you feel better?
My peeve: People who Don't leave a message, but expect me to call them back. Geeze. I am not a mind reader. Well, I am , but that is exhausting.
Crusted food anywhere is not necessary.
Nothing on the agenda this weekend. I am childless, but always have furry critters to annoy me. :)

Adventures In China said...

Oh goodness, I never get out of the grocery store without forgetting something or forgetting I had a coupon. It's like my brain floats ahead of me down the aisles!

Isn't sunshine just the greatest thing in the world?? It's like icing on everything.

Have a great weekend!

Just Breathe said...

Sorry about Casper. I will stop over soon to read more. Yep, those get me mad too! I hate when I forget to use a coupon :( or get home an realize I didn't get something that I needed.

Surfergrrl said...

Yup, that's a good list. I feel the same way!

Curly said...

I have a pre-printed grocery list. Print the list, go through the house so I don't forget anything.

And yet I still leave the grocery store having forgotten at least one thing on the list. How does this happen?