Friday, July 16, 2010

Today is the day!

Woooohooo! The big day has finally arrived!

My lovely stepdaughter arrived safe and sound from England last night so she will come with me to get Big Daddy this afternoon - we're all so very thrilled!

Even Mother Nature is excited, celebrating with violent thunderstorms and pouring rain - LOL! I hope the weather settles down a bit, we don't want a huge horse spooked during transit...

I'll be sure to post photos and an update on Big Daddy this weekend :)

Gotta run, but I'll leave you with a gem that is absolutely fascinating if you're into innovative design, furniture and space-saving gadgets - trust me, it's worth the watch!

Have a great Friday, everyone!


ModernMom said...

Enjoy your time together!

C said...

wow i just lerve that new age furniture!!! cool, baby, cool!

enjoy your visit with the young 'un... hee hee..

and best of luck bringin BD home today! he will finally be loved and cared for the way he always deserved to be. my heart aches for his past but leaps with joy at his future.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Good luck getting Big Daddy home safely.
Love those flippin innovative.

Roshan said...

Have great fun. U are a cool stepmom.

Just Breathe said...

Have a great visit. Loved the video!