Tuesday, July 27, 2010

All about Big Daddy!

Raise your hand if you want an update on Big Daddy!

Woo! Look at that crowd :-D

I took some quick pics yesterday of the boys getting to know each other, my friend and I are thrilled that they're getting along so well! Black is 18 years old and has been here 10+ years so we assumed he would be the boss, but after studying their dynamic it seems that Big Daddy, who is only 6 years old and quite submissive - has stepped up to be the leader! Size does matter?!
(all pics click bigger, LOL)
Hi mom! OooOOoooO a camera!
Can I eat it?

The current paddock, complete with shelter and annoying flies!

Nom nom nom!

I love my mommy!

Big Daddy will be as sleek and shiny as Black by next summer!

Small hand, or big head?
I had to special order his fly mask, can't wait for it to arrive-

The skies were gorgeous yesterday:

When Big Daddy wants to go in the shelter,
he bumps Black out of the way :-o

Funny how he manages to dwarf that huge shelter...

The farrier came by today to trim Big Daddy's feet but had very little to do - he said our boy was in excellent health with sound hooves, straight legs, a very good coat, etc - estimated his age to be between 6 to 8 years old, if even that. He should put on weight nicely now that he's pastured but he's not that bad at all - so we're on the right track!

He had seen the news report on TV when the horses were seized, apparently many dogs, cats etc were also pulled from that situation... and that this was not the first time this individual has had to surrender abused animals :(

I'm glad all that is in the past now.

Time to bring big boy his lunch (cooked barley with a bit of oats with chopped apples and carrots) before returning both horses to the paddocks - after the foot trim he got brushed (oh how he loves being brushed!) and got another anti-fly treatment applied to his coat.

Farm life, never dull! ;-)

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Just Breathe said...

He is beautiful. I am so glad that he is doing so well. Those flies must be a big pain for him and you!

Anke said...

He's beautiful and you take such great care of him.

C said...

how absolutely heart warming to see those pictures and hear how well he's doing. i do have a question... why does black have summit on his eyes?

youre doing a great jobbie...

i love him.

Technodoll said...

C, Black is wearing a fly mask :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

He is a beautiful boy...surely he is in heaven at your home!!!!