Friday, July 30, 2010

My new favorite thing

If you don't already know, I love peanut butter.

Love it.

I have it about 360 mornings a year, on toast.

But now that I've discovered this jar of awesomeness, I just may have to have it 365 breakfasts a year - like, haul it in my suitcase if I travel anywhere because it really is that freaking tasty.

Kraft Whipped Peanut Butter.
It's all that and a side of spectacular.


Sweet T said...

:O That has to be the best idea evar!!!
I cannot wait to be able to buy it here.

Just Breathe said...

I love peanut butter too! Actually I was looking for whipped PB in Florida because a few different people have mentioned it, finding it in Florida. No luck. I haven't found any yet but I keep searching.

Anonymous said...

I must try it myself : )

Lady Banana said...

I'm not mad about peanut butter, I can take it or leave it.

But I would try this!

Surfergrrl said...

I was licking a spoonful of peanut butter when I came to your post. no joke. Peanut butter is the best thing EVER. Surprisingly I actually don't like it on bread though. Here is one for you. Put peanut butter on a spoon and then dip it into chocolate pudding. OMG!

BTW, fuck blogger for having errors when I try to sign in using my wordpress username. ugh!!!

ModernMom said...

Ohhh I will have to watch out for that one!

prin said...

I worry about you. I don't know what the ingredients of that are, but they can't be good. :D

Roshan said...

That's it! I'm getting a jar of peanut butter on Monday. This post just tempted me beyond my control.