Saturday, July 17, 2010

Here is is, folks!

Big Daddy is hooooome!

The transport people said it was one of the smoothest, easiest experiences they've ever had with a horse - how amazing is that?
Here he is, fresh off the trailer after an hour-long bumpy ride...
He was shaking like a leaf, poor thing!

Yet despite his fear of the great unknown,
he behaved like a true gentleman.

He is a bit shy and hesitant but still impressively trusting of people,
a miracle after all he's been through.

He's a beautiful belgian but needs to put on a couple hundred pounds of muscle mass, the poor thing. He's been eating and drinking non-stop since he arrived yesterday afternoon and I can't blame him! He should weigh around 2300 lbs once he's in top shape - no more protuding ribs and hipbones.

Can you imagine what he must have looked like 5 months ago when he was pulled from misery? Soooo sad... His hooves will definitely need to be shoed and we'll be fattening him up with fresh field grazing and grains. For now he's on hay until his system slowly adapts, too much rich food without proper introduction will lead to colic, which leads to death.

Can't have any of that!

So... true story. This morning I got up at 5:30 to go check on him (this is from a lady that normally sleeps till 8) and he had eaten every scrap of hay and drunk every bit of water in his box - he must have been up all night eating! :-o

I decided to let him out to the tiny pasture adjacent to the stables so I could muck out his stall and refill his goodies, that way he would have 15 minutes of fresh green grass for breakfast. He followed me very easily and went crazy on the greens so I left him there to tend to the cleaning. A few minutes later I couldn't see him anymore, so went out to check - stupid me had forgotten to close the fence between paddocks and he had gone off wandering and exploring, he was quite a bit far off too!

I was afraid he'd bolt if I ran after him or worse, get into trouble with our two resident horses who could see him now from the 3rd paddock... I called out to him "Big Daddy! Come here! Good boy!" - and the most amazing thing happened. His head perked up and he started trotting full speed towards me!! I kept encouraging him and he came right up to me with a look of relief on his face - "mom! i was lost! i found you!" and I clipped on his lead and brought him back inside - whew, disaster averted!

So I learned my lesson to secure the premises AND it's official, this horse has adopted me.

Once back in his box, I gave him a good deep scratch on the chest and front of neck with a rubber brush and he did the neck stretch, sighed with contentment and then laid his head on the crook of my shoulder and breathed in my neck.

I am in love.

/end of A Dream Come True post/


Anonymous said...

That just makes me say "Awwwww"... What a great adventure for you and Big Boy. I know he's in great, loving hands with you!

Anke said...

You are doing a wonderful thing for Big Daddy! He'll finally know what it's like to be taken care of and loved. Poor thing does look so skinny in the first picture, he'll have to be an eating machine to gain enough weight...

Anonymous said...

Oh Nick, he is gorgeous. Wow, how handsome xoxoxoxo You are so lucky to have each other

prin said...

So yey. :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

This is just wonderful news...he has found a wonderful home and a wonderful Mama as well.
Gosh...what a gorgeous beast he is!!!!
hugs, Suz

C said...

i am so touched and happy that you adopted BD. i cannot tell you how it hurts me and breaks my heart that some one hurt this boy. i swear if i met the person(s) who did this, i would kill them with my bare hands. animals have no way of saying how they feel and that fact alone makes me ache for them even more. this is so painful of a story about BD. how the fuck people can be so cruel is beyond me.

take good care of him as i know you will... he surely has chosen you to be his mama.... i wish i could hug him and pet him so he could know i love him too.


Candice said...

Awwww I'm so happy for you and for HIM! So happy he found such a perfect place for him to live. And what a gorgeous horse. :)

anuday said...

Awesome he is a real beauty!!!

Technodoll said...

Thanks everyone... he really is a very, very special boy and we are lucky to have him!

Lady Banana said...

Wow, now that's a really BIG pet! :)

Adventures In China said...

So happy things are going well. He is so lucky to have you.

Also glad you step-daughter arrived safely, I hope you all have a wonderful visit!

Lou said...

That's brilliant. He's gorgeous! Well done you.

Just Breathe said...

Well bring me to tears why don't you! Please make sure the gate is closed next time. What a sweet boy he is. It's awesome that he came to you. What a good mamma you are.