Thursday, July 1, 2010

Where is everyone?!

Is my blog getting boring or do people just not bother commenting anymore? Besides my few faithful feedback-givers, of course - I love you guys!

As for the lurkers... who seem to be the bulk of my readers judging by the blog stats... are you just shy or are you lazy? Could it be that *gasp* I'm getting that dull?


OK, maybe you're right.

I rarely talk about sex out of respect for family members that read this blog (ah-hem), I don't do drugs so no two-headed pandas doing the shimmy on my front lawn, I bitch and moan quite a lot about the weather and talk too much about chickens.

Just the way I like it! Yey! :-D

*pause to finish coffee*

So Vegas got himself a new toy (a Playstation 3) and, being the good wife that I am, I just smiled and nodded and let him do his thang - if you know what I think about video games, you'd see this was a grand gesture on my part - LOL! - yeah, I love him that much. Plus, he encourages my crazy chicken hobby and - wait, am I being manipulated here? :-o

*pause to finger the small chip in my front tooth. stupid weak teeth. yey for an awesome dentist who is fitting me in his full schedule on Monday for an emergency repair!*

Getting old sucks, what can I say?

PS: There's a new post in the Chicken Diaries, for those who care.

/end of Where Is This Week Flying To? post/


Posh Totty said...

I still read your blog most days, I do not think you are dull or bring :O) I have good intentions of coming back to comment when I have more time and then forget all about it, sorry!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I know you are not talking about ME. I always comment.
I find that I am not getting as many comments as I used to, but am getting more readers. Makes no sense. Some days feel like I read/give more comments than I get. *putting an end to that*

I have the same feeling about video games....Coach does not play them, he just devotes 35 hours a week to softball training. is just as bad. :)

Lady Banana said...

I'm sorry I've not been commenting as much, just don't seem to have the *go* in me - not even blogging as much myself..

BUT you are not boring, I love your blog and try to drop in and comment as often as I can x

prin said...

Me toooo. :D I guess I'm not as chatty as usual either. *shrugs*

You lookin' for validation? :D

My blog is lurky too. Way more hits than I used to get but all silent peeps. *shrugs* I'd rather that than trolls. :D

Whitelilies said...

Boring you ???
You better not be talking like this about my cocotte... Because if you are, then take one good look in the miror sister and, you and I both know it ain't the truth.
In my defence:
Just buzy with life! Note to you: to add note if you dont have a google account or sort... not so easy! But still we read you because we find you interesting and so refreshing :)
Tons of kisses

Anonymous said...

I'm not bored at all. I LOVE coming to your blog, kicking back and reading about your lovely life. It's summer time, folks are vacationing, grilling, planting, mowing, on the go kind of stuff. Keep it coming Nick. Love ya

myself said...

I'm bad recently, can't be half arsed to write my own blog, nor half-arsed to comment on other people's. Lazy. Or too much on my mind to put a coherent sentence together.

Adventures In China said...

I have noticed the same trends: more readers, fewer comments. People are weirdos, what can I say?

Girl, I always feel like my blog is getting boring. Your chickens = my China. I sorta feel like at some point people are sick of hearing about it? But it's really important and interesting to me?

However, I think your chickens are darling, so I am going to assume peeps (haha!) still care about China, too.

I also don't write a lot about my personal life. Mostly because it's pretty dull and interesting probably only to me!

Deborah said...

I just found your blog from BYC and I look forward to reading it.

Just Breathe said...

I still love ya! Just busy in FL.

Candice said...

I read your blog but don't always comment. Made a point to come comment here so you know I'm here! See how long it took though?