Thursday, July 29, 2010

What happens when you have it all?

Summer's finally here, a truly beautiful one: warm, dry, breezy, sunny, happy blue skies with skipping clouds, singing birds and raucous crickets, cool at night... The horses are happy out in the fields, the dogs are happy out on the deck, the chickens are happy in their runs, husband is happy doing whatever it is husbands do...

And yet here I am, feeling bleh-ish.

I get it that PMS hormones are mostly to blame, but still!

What the hey?

I've got a million fun things to do and take great pleasure and pride in crossing things off my list - I'd be lost without my daily list, don't laugh! - so what's the matter with me?

It's those stupid TV ads: win a contest to hot exotic vacation destinations! Travel here! Eat this yum yummy yum! Go skyjumping! Buy these awesome lipsticks! Come fly with us!

Hot dang, am I missing out on life?

To say I don't go out much is an understatement. I'm not complaining - I've built this life of my own volition - but sometimes I get wanderlust... I do miss seeing new places, living new adventures and seeing old friends...


Need to shake myself out of this cloud of negativity - things will perk up this autumn. I've promised myself a trip to Nashville to see a dear friend come October, I need to get out of this place at least once a year to keep my sanity.

Dear lord I haven't flown anywhere in two freaking years! Ack!

Vegas and I are planning to see Inception on the big screen in a few days (last movie date was Avatar and there was snow on the ground!), my mom & stepdad are visiting for a day next week and I hope to arrange for my old friend N to come over for a girl's weekend in August or September - I haven't seen her since I moved here last year, that's just nuts!

Oh, and I'm setting up the tent in our back yard by early next week, you can't have a real summer without a few nights under the stars. Hellz naw.

It might be just me and the sleeping bag in there but dammit, I'm doing it!

Makes happy.

Anyone else want to come for a visit?

/end of I Might Fold And Have Anti-PMS Chocolate And Wine Tonight post/


Just Breathe said...

I like Inception, hope you do too!
Sounds like some good plans coming up in the near future. Enjoy! I think a few nights under the stars is an awesome idea.

PrincessB said...

I'll come visit!!

prin said...


It won't stay like this forever you know. I think that's why you might feel that way. This isn't it. Life changes in a flash. Status quo doesn't exist for very long. ;)

Surfergrrl said...

I think once you've caught up with EVERYTHING on this list (and for you, that list seems to go on for years), all you have left with are your thoughts, and thoughts can deceive you into thinking you need more. It's like suddenly your body stopped running and your mind caught up and you're wondering, "am I done?" "is this all there is?" Happens to everyone.

That being said, it's always good to mix things up in your life and try new things and go new places.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Camping in the backyard sounds fabulous!!!
I get that blah feeling on occasion too...but then I snap out of it. I know you will too.