Monday, July 12, 2010

The Big News!

When I said "big", I meant it in all kinds of ways - LOL!

Vegas and I are going to foster a horse!

And not just any horse... A huge, gorgeous belgian gelding :-D

I saw the plight for help on Facebook yesterday morning via a friend of a friend (isn't that how these things go?!), seven beautiful belgian horses had been seized from an abusive situation about five months ago and needed to be evacuated from the premises where there were being held and rehabilitated - yesterday.

Yep. Talk about fast.

I spoke with the SPCA volunteers who said I had to come make the decision right away or the horses were being hauled back to Ontario to be placed in foster care... So of course I did what any sane person would do, I grabbed my horse-expert friend whose boy is boarded here and off we went! And oh, what a dream come true...
Here is our new boy, Big Daddy!

Funny how these pics don't show relative size,
he's a mastodon!

These horses were apparently starved, beaten and neglected for months, if not years... They were found shoulder-deep in filth, their legs covered in sores and insects, bone-thin and dirty, dehydrated, skittish, no muscle mass due to being boxed in small dark quarters for god knows how long...

How people can do this to animals just blows my mind. If you can't take care of them, sell or re-home them but do something!! Don't shut them in dark box with no food and water for months of suffering after having beaten them!!

It took a long time for the SPCA to be able to pull them (it went to court and everything) but thankfully these beasts are in good hands now... They were all vetted many times - one horse had a heart problem and had to be put down - vaccinated, dewormed, hooves trimmed, fed and nourished and finally given a gentle human hand...

Through all of this they remained gentle noble creatures despite the scars on their coats and sores still needing to be tended to. Five months after their ordeal, some of the younger horses are still very thin, hip bones protuding and hooves split and rotten from standing in piss and shit for years.

I named our boy Big Daddy... and HE chose ME.

As we approached the herd who had seeked shelter from the heat under some hilly trees, all I could think of was a scene in Jurassic Park: being surrounded by giant creatures, feeling the thud and whomp of hooves hitting the ground in an attempt to get rid of tickling flies - it was surreal. They were so freaking beautiful!

I then felt a gentle nuzzling in the palm of my left hand, turned around, and was met by the most beautiful, soulful and saddest eyes I had ever seen... I knew then that this was Fate.

Big Daddy is perfect. He let us check his teeth, lead him around, lift his feet, scratch his head and kiss his muzzle... a true gentle giant. I am so smitten it's ridiculous.

We think he's around 10 years old but nobody knows for sure. I'll be getting his medical records this week and have to organize transportation to get him home in a few days. It should cost around $150 to $200 but as foster parents we get to keep him as long as we like, hopefully forever - this boy deserves to be loved and spoiled!

I don't know who the lucky ones are, him or us :-)

Funny thing, the woman who's been rehabilitating the horses the past five months said that Big Daddy has lost all confidence, he's wary of humans and quite skittish - neither my friend or I noticed anything of the sort, on the contrary. He was the most quiet, trusting and respectful one of the gang, the one who cuddled up to us the most. But then again we're not men with loud voices, sharp hooks and whipping chains...

Do you ever want to kill people for what they have done to innocent animals?

Yeah, me too.

OK time to go mow some lawn before the outside temps reach broiling point - wishing you all a very happy Monday!

/end of Dream Come True post/


ModernMom said...

Oh you are going to be the perfect Foster Mommy to this Big Daddy!
You have such a big heart! Can't wait for all the updates on this lovely baby!

prin said...

Aw, you almost made me cry. *sniff*

Christine said...

wow you got me all choked up ma'am! So by foster does that mean that you will not keep him forever?

Busy Bee Suz said...

Yes, I would love to kill those humans who abuse and neglect the innocent.
Big Daddy knew who would take care of him.
Congrats to you....can't wait till he is in the safety of your home!

Posh Totty said...

He is a beauty, congratulations :O)

Just Breathe said...

Love the news, he is beautiful. I just love the way he picked you out. ((HUGS)) I am really excited.

Adventures In China said...

People who hurt animals are scumbags, no other way to put it.

So happy for you, and for Big Daddy. What wonderful news!!

You and Vegas are awesome, Techno!!!!

Vegas said...

A new adventure :) and we get to do a good thing at the same time. So yay.

C said...

i wish that whoever hurts animals in any form, have done to them what they have done to the animals. fucking bastards all of them. i am so happy you will be loving big daddy... he will be in good hands.

Anonymous said...

I love him Nick!!! I am so happy for you guys. Big Daddy looks so sweet. Can't wait to see tons of picks