Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sleep, glorious sleep!

Thanks to cooler night temps, I finally managed to get a bit of sleep last night - oh, I want more! One could get greedy on such a lovely thing...

Still sore from unloading 320 bales of hay on Monday - I cannot imagine doing that back-breaking job with less than 4 people - OMG! Hell! Yuck! And pass the advil, please.

OK actually I'm not as sore as I thought I would be.

Like, 5/10 instead of 8/10.

So yay me!
Break for random smilie-time:

I never saw this day whooooosh by... Just taking a breather now while Vegas is gone to get chinese take-out, my stepdaughter is crashed out on the sofa after an afternoon in my friend's pool - oh boy did the kids ever have fun, LOL! I knew she'd be tired but this is special :-D

In condensed form: We ended up with 19 chicks but one had to be put down this afternoon, she was born with a malformed hip and we couldn't fix it... Super sad... The rest of the flock is doing well, Big Daddy is doing well beyond anyone's expectations, the doggies are fine and I'm starving. Vegas! Hurry! Feeeed meeeee!!

And before you ask what am I ever going to do with so many chicks, no worries: they're going to good homes, by Thursday evening we'll only have two or three left (the chosen ones, LOL).

There you go.

/end of Zippity Doo Dah post/


Its Just Me - Daring to Dream said...

I do not envy your bales of hay loading..more power to you!

LOL on that picture! You have a knack for finding the most hiliariously interesting photos!

Hope you get more sleep. Peaceful sleep is THE BEST!

Congrats on the Chickies!

prin said...


That is all.

Posh Totty said...

Haha great picture ;o)

I hope you are managing to get some sleep tonight, its roasting here tonight and at nearly 3am we are all still awake in the posh household.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Your life just gets busier and busier! Sounds fun though!

C said...

i'm SO glad it has cooled off and you have gotten much needed sleep. also that your step daughter (whats her first name if i may ask?) is having fun. i bet you are both so proud of her and that she could come for a visit.

so glad BD is doing well, i never doubted he wouldnt with all the love you guys have.

that picture cracked me up!! loved it!!!


Busy Bee Suz said...

I do hope you can continue to get some much needed sleep.
Sounds like a super productive day.

love the cheap rubbers. :)

yay for new babies.

Farley said...

Hi my first name is Charlotte (anicks step daughter) hi lol x

Just Breathe said...

Glad you slept well. Sorry about the chick, that must be hard to do.
How often do you get hay delivered?
Hope your dinner was good.