Friday, December 21, 2007

Yay for knights in yellow machines!

Remember my car situation from Monday?

Well it got worse... about 4" of additional snow got piled up on top since then, plus add all the snowplow action shoving more crap up against the car...

It was not a pretty sight.

And last night the city decided to clean that street, only the left side of course - with only a few hours' warning. Awesome. If you don't move your car they will tow it, lord knows to where, sometimes to the pound and good luck finding out which one.

So after a long day's work, then taking the kids out for their exercise, I'm wiped out... can I go upstairs to collapse and eat or something?


I have a bleddy car to shovel out from under megasnowass.

Luckily for my wit and charm (a-hem), I flagged down one of the siren-truck peeps and pleaded my case, I really needed help cuz there was no way I could physically dig out my car in time - I mean look at it! And look at the size of my arms!

The guy had a soft heart I guess, he radioed one of the bombom drivers (those small bombardier plows that clear the sidewalk) to come and help me if he could... and 5 minutes later the guy showed up! w00t!

Such a sweet uncle-with-mustache-kinda guy, big smile, my hero! He plowed all the snow away from the front of my car, so that I could crawl in through the passenger side and just wrench the damn thing from its snowy tomb.

Ah. Freedom!

Hats off to those overworked guys, some of them can still take the time to care for the little people.

And that was my happy story for the day.


Prin said...

Crazy awesome. Wooo!!! Yey for nice guys at Christmas. :)

Technodoll said...

I know, eh? Like, that almost never happens LOL!