Tuesday, December 25, 2007

What a beaut!

Mom Nature decided to mellow out and give us a mild and sunny xmas day... awesome!

Took the kids for an hour-long walk in the quasi-deserted neighborhood streets, it was a pretty cool way to start such a special day... which to me means nothing this year, LOL!

Yep. Just a day like any other.

Am baking chocolate cupcakes for tomorrow's get-together, smells wonderful in here... laundry is almost done so I can start packing for my trip and get that out of the way. Next is the dogs' pedicures and vacuuming, and then later on we'll head out to my dogsitter's for the turkey n'cheesecake dinner. Not served together, of course. Jeez.

I kinda pride myself in being able to break out of the said mold, to be untraditional and do things my own way. So many people are bound and gagged to the calendar, it's almost funny.


Kay, time to ice the cupcakes and stuff... Just finished my second latte and waiting for the caffeine to kick in, although I'm probably immune by now.

I am so getting drunk tonight!


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That only makes me a sheepbitch. Bark! he he