Monday, December 24, 2007

Beefin' it up

How to pad an empty work day so that it feels productive...

Make lots of overdue phone calls.
Speak to your boss at least once.
Clean up your inbox.
Say hi to the security agent walking the empty halls.
Sing Fa la la la laaaa out loud.

Then call it a day and go home.

Sigh. Just found out I won't be going to February's tradeshow in San Francisco this year, which is OK because logistics to leave anywhere is a nightmare with two dogs and a car in the city. But I just feel like crying... Vegas and I were counting on spending those days there together and now poof! Not gonna happen.

I fucking hate this LDR thing and I just don't see it getting any better until next autumn.

Thanks for nothing, santa.


Smiler said...

awwwww. sorry to hear that sweets. I'm sure something will come around. "love conquers all" remember? speaking of which my guy S keeps texting me that he love me loves me loves me pis yé pas foutu de m'appeler tabarnak. Grrrrr.

Technodoll said...

Something did come around, thank goodness! whew! *happy dance*

So... no more S in the pad? He needs to text now? My lord. We so need to catch up!!