Friday, December 28, 2007

Now I can relax

I am officially on vacation... got all the small stuff sorted out and the suitcases packed so tomorrow is a "me" day of sorts, LOL! Well me and the kids, until I bring them over to the sitter's mid-afternoon.

And then goodbye Montreal, hullo London!

Normally I'd be celebrating this with a glass of vino but urgk, won't be touching alcohol for a while I think. Gag.

I'm super lucky Sisterhood Curly is spending part of her afternoon with me tomorrow, first a kaffeeklatch and then she'll drive me to the airport. I know I am so spoiled in friends... and don't you guys think I don't appreciate it! And this goes for all of you.

(( Major hugs ))

Will bring my camera with me and post some pics and updates, dunno how frequently but I will pop in from time to time. Bubblegum Diaries will also get a facelift for 2008 so stay tuned for the goodies!


Katana said...

Drinkon the plane... makes the flight go by way faster!

Invincible Yang said...

I think Techno is still drunk from Boxing Day. Appletinis are on standby for her arrival - I know how much she likes them ;)

Technodoll said...

Katana - urgk!! not this flight, LOL!

Yang, I knew you were evil but... this is bad! LOL!

Katana said...

we're only lookin out for your well being! tehe