Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Boxing day, wanna box?

Three cheers for long refreshing sleeps!

Feeling chirpy this morning despite the gray mopey day outside, mom nature must be hung over. I'll do my best not to compete and take it easy on the martinis later today... although when you have raspberry vodka and frozen lime slices to play with, anything can happen ;-)

I pray that this year was the very last Christmas spent without Vegas. I used to have so much holiday cheer...

My box of tree ornaments, lights and baubles sits covered in a layer of dust in the locker outside, I've not decorated or had a tree here in 7 years. What for? Nobody here to admire it besides me, you know?

Isn't Christmas supposed to be shared?

Anyways. Vegas has threatened me with all kinds of holiday cheer after he moves here, he's a big fan of celebrations (sheeple! he he! ok I tease) and you know... I might just get it all back. My angel mold might actually get used to make sugar cookies. Yes, I have a rolling pin too, LOL!

Such a girlie, yet it's all been buried. Guess some things are better when you're two, besides awesome bed antics. *grin*


Prin said...

The tree and I share Christmas together. ;)

If I see you in line today, watch out for my elbows. They'll be swingin'. Just messin'. I'm not going into the foule. :D

rs27 said...

Tennis is also better with two people.

Technodoll said...

Prin, I didn't think you would, LOL! You've got sense ;-)

rs, are you sure? hmmm.

Dolce said...

I like how Vegas "threatens" you with holiday cheer. Most people find it warm and welcoming. Does he "threaten" you with long weekend vacations and chocolate covered strawberries (2 of my favs)?

Trippincherri said...

I was the same when I was single. No sense going all out at the holidays when there is only yourself.
It is definitley different when your with someone though....I have literally slipped into Housewife Land without a single scream or kick lol.

Katana said...

the day after christmas is always a wonderful day for sleep. Feels so good!

Technodoll said...

Dolce, yeah... hims a bad, bad man! giggle :-D

Trippin, well I'm looking forward to it, to be honest. yey!

Katana, any day is wonderful for sleep... meow ;-)