Thursday, December 20, 2007

Don't eat yellow snow

I keep telling my dogs that, but they're knuckleheads. And then they want to lick my face? I think not!

Am not feeling well today, just run-down and mentally icky. Everything seems to require an effort, even smiling and breathing - all I want to do is get drunk and sleep. And if you know me at all, you know that I don't particularly *like* alcohol, I just drink it to feel numb.

Is it the holiday blues?

Where has my spunky happy self gone to?

Why am I missing Vegas so much, when I'll see him again soon?

I'm pissed at myself for "wasting days" like this, I know each and every one is precious and should be savoured and appreciated... Getting old and having regrets is one of my biggest fears. Is it really all about mind over matter?

How do I trick my mind into being happy, ffs? If anybody knows... please enlighten me.


Anonymous said...

Umm....those types of days I usually cure with an appletini and some choklit. :) So, I'm not too much help.
Watching a funny movie also helps. I like Bridget Jones' Diary. :)
I like that you have Vegas and I have Hollywood. Someone else should date Manhattan.

Technodoll said...

Ya know... that sounds darn good. I always have martini makings at home and chocklit, too... add a hot bubble bath and I think we have a winner!

Who wants Manhattan? Anyone?

Prin said...

Manhattan is too close for me. I need a guy farther away. :D

I've done my Christmas shopping.
There's not a store I've missed,
but what's the use of shopping
when there's no one on your list.

You'll know the way I'm feeling,
when you love and you lose.
I guess I got the Christmas blues...

When somebody loves you,
somebody needs you,
Christmas is a joy of joys.

But friends, when you're lonely,
You'll find that it's only
a thing for little girls and little boys.

May all your days be merry,
your seasons full of cheer,
but till it's January
I'll just go and disappear.

You'll know the way I'm feeling,
when you love and you lose.
I guess I got the Christmas blues...

I actually wrote that without listening to the song. lol Guess I've heard it one too many times. *blushes*

Technodoll said...

oh, that is sooo lovely yet so sad and touching... sigh.

hopefully your tree is a good hugger :-)