Sunday, December 23, 2007

And so goes a Sunday

My last Sunday in Canada for 2007... how strange a feeling.

By this time next week I am in the UK and then 2008 rolls around - what is a calendar date, though? Besides a method to keep track of time rushing us by?

I hate "growing older". Every year my birthday makes its appearance, on time and to my dismay, and then according to paperwork I am "one year older". Yet I don't feel any different the day after, no wiser and certainly no happier to be that much closer to death. Bleh!

I vote that we all just choose an age we'd like to be, and stick to that.

Yeah. In a month I'm turning 29 :-)

Today a bunch of snow melted away thanks to very mild temps (went up to 7C!) and loads of rain. I smile. No shoveling! Had a very guffawish brunch with the gang - well I had a burger, it was still brunch though - and pretty much chilled out after that. A very lazy weekend... I'll probably regret it this week but meh.

Am I the only one who has to go in to work tomorrow?

Sigh. Sucks ass.

Still have some shopping to do, little things here and there for Wednesday's martini blowout and for my upcoming vacation chez Vegas, who has waaay spoiled me too much with prezzies from the sounds of it. Stubborn man. All I need is him but yet, he has his own mind about things. I might have to spank him or something. He he.

G'nite peeps.


Roshan said...

So who's gonna take care of ur dogs?

Katana said...

Actually last night I ws on the phone with a friend and we lamented growing a year older... because we dont *feel* older, and one day, we're afraid of just being "that guy" that won't act their age.

Le sigh.

Skryker said...

I'm at work today, too. Wish I was at home but....can't make money that way!

Woo hoo, more snow on top of the ice from yesterday's melt freezing.

What's one more calendar year? Nothing. Still an adult, still growing and learning. That's all that matters, right?

Prin said...

lol @ Katana's "le sigh". :D

Thanks a lot Big T for getting "what a feeling" stuck in my head. I'm going to put on my black leotard and pink leggings and dance, 80's style now.

Why do you have to work? Don't you work enough? Wtf?

Technodoll said...

Roshan, one of my friends is taking the dogs... they love it there so it's also a vacation for them :-)

Katana, glad to see I'm not the only one! "AGE" what is that anyways? Pfft! avec plus de pfft!

Skryker, yep same slippery hell here, hope the reindeers don't break a leg. Did you get an electric blankie for your work yet?

Prin, don't ask me! Ask my boss why the hell I need to be here. Waaah! PS: I need a photo of you in those leotards. I mean it.