Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Got a head start

Finished off the bottle of Tuaca (just 3 small shots, no biggie) and am getting in the mood to share turkey with a bunch of old people, yay christmas dinner.

God save me.

Rather, let the bottle of italian red save me... have a feeling this will be a nice liquid dinner, if you know what I mean.

Screw this holiday shit. I just want to be off on vacation already, asleep on a plane to dull the pain away and finally be with Vegas. The next three seasons will be the death of me, if this keeps up. Eternal waits and pauses between lover's visits. Gaaah! *throws up hands in despair*

If my mood had an image?

Yeeeah, that's it. Me against the rammed-up time monkey.

He can well fuck off!


Prin said...

Your blog is very up and down this week. Do I have to sing for you again?

Technodoll said...

If you can sing "Mr Roboto" then yes, please. In a falsetto.


It's just been that kind of week... one I don't care to repeat too often. But then again I dig my own graves. Sigh.