Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My gift to you

Recorded in 1977 and released in 1982, this classic christmas song interpreted by David Bowie & Bing Crosby is one of my very favorites... Christmas just isn't happening until this song is played at least once. Have a happy one!


Katana said...

it's a wonderful video... and quite the oddest couple, no?

Technodoll said...

Yes, they are... I think it's part of the charm though :-)

Bing is long gone (he passed away the year this was taped, in 1977) and Bowie is all gray now... sigh. Good times.

Smiler said...

I only became aware of this video this year - and it's the first time I've seen it. I've been a Bowie fan for a long time and when I first saw this video mentioned somewhere, I assumed it was a computer trick. But no, it's the real deal. Amazing. Very surprising that it's not more popular than it is. Or maybe I'm just totally out of the loop.

My cousin called and said "I'm coming to pick you up, you're coming over for dinner with mom and I, I'm not giving you a choice." I didn't go. I'm sure she took it personally but... I just don't think so.


Technodoll said...

I remember seeing this video in the mid 80's and it just struck a chord in my soul... just love love love it.

Sometimes, it's ok to just not festivate with the rest of the world. If only there was no associated guilt. Sigh.

(( hugs ))