Saturday, December 22, 2007

I love a lazy Saturday

Yum. There is nothing quite like waking up at 7am and realising "hey I don't need to go in to work today!" and then you can sleep all you want - perfection!

OTOH, it's almost 11:30am and I'm still in my jammies, after breakfast and coffee... the dogs are kinda sulking, can't blame them. Thankfully it's mild today, just below freezing so I'll give them a good hour out on the snowbanks now.

Then shopping, cleaning and all that jazz.

Hell! I leave for the UK in a week - how did that happen?! *runs around flailing arms*


Skryker said...

I know! It's like the year realized it's ending and decided to make a mad dash for the end all at once. Crazy!

Z28gurl said...

Its exactly 3:33 and Im still in my jammies, I only intend on getting out of them when I take my evening bath and put on a new pair LOL,
But its Saturday, I dont have to do anything else today!

Invincible Yang said...

Well I trained and then had some food and then went for a looooong run. That's the sum total of my day (9pm now lol). Warmed up a bit here so it was actually pleasant. Settling in for an evening of quirky comedy and online chats with some bird in Canada wot I like. Oh yeah, and Mars ice creams - gotta undo all that exercise with some good hard empty calories :D


Prin said...

What? I actually got up and at 'emmed before you? I'm getting way too old for my own good. :D

A week! Woo!

Ahem. *coughs*
(with my heaviest pretend british accent)
"Should I put on pot of tea or d'you want to go for a pint?"

Technodoll said...

Skryker, yeah- wha happen'd?? Who accelerated the clocks?

z28, I want YOUR day! rrrrr, attagurl! :-)

Yang, that's alot of effort to be able to eat guilt-free ice cream. You must be disciplined! LOL

Prin... yeah I am shocked actually! wtf? LOL!!

Angeleyes said...

Don't feel bad, it's 4:13 and I'm still in my jammies on Sunday! LOL!

I very rarely get a day off... so after a family party yesterday and then having an unexpected poker party at our place we decided to have a lazy day today. I don't even want to see the outside *L*

BTW- just below freezing to us NYC dwellers is pretty frikin' cold. Here it's just above freezing and I hate it, lol!

Technodoll said...

Angeleyes, I did that on Sunday too - he he! Ah well, I'll procrastinate tomorrow eh?