Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tick tock and whew! sock!

Well, Christmas stocking cuz Christmas sock doesn't sound so glamorous.

I'm almost done with holiday shopping, just a few more knick-knacks to get and then I'm frreeeeeeeeeeee until next year! Just need to wrap the gifts tonight and finish up Vegas' huge sock - most gifts are for him, go figure :-D

The doggies got something but they don't know it yet.

We're both all set for our family gift exchange on Dec 25th, that should be fun.

The next few days will be for grocery shopping, baking and prepping for the xmas buffet (we do a pot luck as a family, it's so lovely) - those are fun things though, I'm almost feeling ungrinchy at this point.


I've still not had any news about Big Daddy (figures...) and Jack is doing wonderfully, it's like he's always been here. I tried to get him to lunge for exercise but he really doesn't know what it is (strange, at his age...) so I just walk him around the property on a leash, like a giant dog.

He heels better than our dogs, by the way.

It's hilarious.

I carved a raw turkey yesterday, gave half to the dogs and kept the other half for our dinner tonight - crockpot yummies! I kept the legs with bone and the breast meat to simmer in canned tomatoes with spices, fresh coriander and lots of garlic, it sure smells nice. Will serve with a potato-and-carrot mash.

Time to go bake some cookies and feed the critters - good night you bunnies, you!

/end of House Mama post/


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Glad your almost done. I will be baking this week and finish wrapping a few gifts. It's almost here. Your dinner sounds yummy. Have a great time with your family and Merry Christmas.

Busy Bee Suz said...

So, Vegas has been a good boy?
Our agenda for this week is similar...aside from NO horse or chicken duty.
How do you do it????
Take care.

C said...

if i lived near by i would send you n vegas some of my homemade fudge to enjoy! and i would have to have a meat pie all to meself!!

Adventures In China said...

Today I finished too, whew!

Oh wait, I still have to wrap. :(


Roshan said...

Food sound great. Turkey meat and I have sadly never met but I'm sure I would love it.