Friday, December 17, 2010

The technofarm in white & other shenanigans

I quite like the changing scenery in our driveway, you never know what you're gonna wake up to (cuz those eejits "predicting" the weather share one drunk brain cell between them) - it was supposed to snow all day, LOL! But no, we got this instead:

More blue skies!

I'm not sure why Blogger likes to blur up pics when you upload,
if you click to see a bigger photo
it's all very clear
(this is part of our back yard):

It's unusual to have no wind, not even a breeze, for hours on end - 
what you get is utter prettiness,
everything dipped in icing sugar:

Pretty, pretty art...
Days like these I almost LIKE winter! ;-)

Jack and Black hanging out at the shelter,
day time is snack time all day long!

Now let's go inside for a bit, it's colder than a witch's tit out there. I didn't make up that expression so don't get your knickers in a knot! I personally don't know any witches so I can't vouch for their boob temperature, either. Um. Anyways.

My husband is weird.

This is what he's currently reading late at night, before bedtime. 

I kid you not.

Wanna see our Christmas tree? Well OK, no, it only looks good lit up at night in the dark and the pics I tried to take still made it look like a welfare tree, which it isn't, so here are a few baubles instead. My mom made me three lovely hand-sewn ornaments a few years back, kind of  a family tradition, and I absolutely love them. There are two hearts and a star - how pretty is this?

What is a tree sans disco balls? ;-)

Vegas and I give each other a tree ornament every year (I know: awe!), a couple years ago I got this awesome little guy and a matching penguin (Prin, don't be green! LOL), they have little bells in them too!

I like to put out a few cheerful smiling faces here and there, 
they light up at night - too cute!

I apologize if this blog post isn't very smart or entertaining, I've been trying to write it all freaking evening but keep getting distracted, like right now Vegas is watching such a moronic yet crazy movie that it makes concentration almost impossible because I keep watching it and groaning (Scott Pilgrim something).

And I want chocolate.

So, well, g'bye and have a great weekend, everyone!

/end of Hey Were You There In My Dinner Tomorrow? post/


A blog by the "Farmer" said...

You crack me up...

First of all, the snow? Beautiful! Stunning! We've got rain here... and mud... lots and lots of mud. It sounds like you enjoyed your sunny snowy day.

Second, witch's tit? Love it! You are so funny.

Vegas, you are weird, bro. Just joking. Technodoll - don't tell him I said that.

Jack and Black look very happy. They are lucky to have you as mom. Well, as least Jack. I guess you are kind-of Auntie to Black...

Your comments on the water issue at my place are so welcome... I never knew something like that existed. Definitely gonna look into that some more as 1/2 my baby's stall is under water tonight. So much for all that work!

My neighbor... You are so right in your comments. I'm going to read them to Mr Farmer when he gets home. He feels sorry for my neighbor as she is a single and older woman - very overwhelmed by her own animals. She thinks if she just puts out so much food for so many birds, the extra birds will fly away in search of food. Have you ever known a chicken or duck to fly away to look for food? But, I'm on duty and there I shall stay. Looks like I've adopted me some orphan chickens and ducks.

I think this is the longest comment I've ever written.

Oh wait... I forgot to comment on the ornaments... What a treasure your mom has bestowed upon you. I love that you and Vegas give each other ornaments, too! That is so sweet and cute.

Enjoy your white-stuff and tell Vegas, no math in the boudoir! Well, unless he's counting body parts.


prin said...

Dude, first of all, you know at least two witches because I know two that you know. I know a third also, but I'm not sure you know her...

Second, <3 the icing sugar pic.

Third, I'm more jealous of the snowmen! Lookit them all! Aw.

Fourth, I love ornament gifts. They're forever. (Till you break them and get sad, but still!) I bought that frog prince and he made me an origami ornament out of foil paper while I made dinner tonight. So yey.

prin said...

Oh, but the middle snowman is my fave. The tiny tree, the pressies, the scarf... Classic.

C said...

beautiful beautiful pics, nikki... you do a great jobbie of taking them.
i love all your ornaments, they are sooooo christmassy! and cute!! love the heart specially, and the snowmen on your counter top too.

the horsies look pretty happy.. have you heard how big daddy is doing? and dante?

i miss them.

Anke said...

Your pictures of the snow are just gorgeous. Almost (almost) makes me wish we got a little more snow here...
I love that you and Vegas exchange ornaments on Christmas. That's an awesome idea!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Your property is beautiful and exquisite covered in snow. Hooray for the blue skies! Love your ornaments. I find it very difficult to take good pictures of Christmas trees. Have a great weekend. Stay warm & cozy.

ModernMom said...

The snow! Why does your snow look so beautiful while mine is just suffocating? Must try and look out my window with a different eye today!

Adventures In China said...

I love your ornaments! So cute and refreshing. They look loved, not like they were placed there just for decoration. I love it.

Your farm is gorgeous in winter, but brrr, I can feel that cold from here!

I wish you much chocolate!

Anonymous said...

Love your photos TD, very Christmassy : ) Love the snow pix too

Busy Bee Suz said...

This post is not boring; loved it.
You make snow look pretty. :)
Love your tree can never have too many disco balls.
My brother used to say: It is colder than a witches titty hanging in the snow.
Thats not nice is it.
Reading math books scares the bejesus out of me.