Monday, December 13, 2010

Our life under grey skies

One can find beauty in monochromatic hues, 
if one takes the time to stop and smell the snowflakes...

This is the most sun we've gotten all month, so far:

Our neighbor's house across the street
(this used to be the farm house for the surrounding land,
the barns on our property were part of the estate
before lot separations):

What? It was bleddy cold a few days ago!
It's raining now so we're wading through a mess of slush...
I definitely prefer the snow,
at least it doesn't soak through your clothes
when you walk the (now soaking) dogs!

Maika, for some reason,
loves to burrow her head deep in the snow -
sometimes she stays there for minutes,
I wonder how she breathes!
Silly bitch :-)

"Does this snow on my face 
make me look fat?"

"No? OK then, perfect!"
Ah, Maika, you're in a class of your own...

Trooping through the first snow dump of the year,
and it was a good one.
Now it's raining as I type this,
then it will freeze,
then snow some more all week,
which means a layer of sharp crunchy icy snow 
sandwiched somewhere in the mess.
Translation: impossible to walk in
without causing injuries to everyone's legs :-(

At least the doggies enjoyed the powder while it lasted :-)
Days like these I'm so happy we have the perfect "snow dogs"!

Across the street from us you'll find two houses. In one of them lives a super sweet, old couple (in their 70's I think?) - they bought the land and he built the house in 1955, their kids all live in the vincinity and if you want to know anything about anyone past and present, you go to them.

He used to manage the farm that was once here, now everything is split into lots - we inherited what used to be a pig barn and a cow barn, and yes the chicken coop too. I found out there were tons of animals here a few decades ago, goats and meat pigs and dairy cows, and all this land was grazing pasture for the critters. It's amazing the history you can pick up by having a chat with these folks, and what other people can tell you about them.

I found out they lost a son many moons ago, on the road just in front of their house - hit by a drunk driver, in broad daylight. And from another neighbor I found out one of their daughters has terminal cancer.

I don't believe that's the end of it, either, specially when this sweet old lady got run over by some assjerk driver in a grocery store's parking lot a month ago, she got her leg crushed and also injured her back, huge deep wounds that are taking forever to heal causing a lot of pain and suffering.

Every two days her husband drives her to the clinic to get her wounds cleaned and bandaged. It's costing them a small fortune in medical supplies (not covered by the government plan or insurance), she can hardly walk so this little old man has to do everything, from cooking and cleaning and caring for their dog to shopping and shoveling the driveway. Their kids help out when they can but for the most part they're on their own.

The driver got cited for dangerous driving but that's it. He never once called to see how she was doing, never sent a card, never visited her in hospital. And that's what hurts them the most, the utter lack of caring. This guy got to drive away and resume his life while theirs are in shambles since then.

I don't understand how such bad things can happen to such good people.

It angers me, it really does.

And hah, they're not angry - it happened and they're dealing with it, they're just hurt at the indifference they had to endure. Is it a generation thing? Being indignant?

I'll bake them some warm bread this week, as they don't really eat any eggs and don't eat cake.

I gotta do something.

/end of Society Poop Bag post/


Anonymous said...

Great pics!! That's really sad what they have been through!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Your pictures are beautiful. I love that look of darkness and snow. What fun the dogs are having.
I bet Skye would have a good time, well maybe not in snow that deep!
Those poor neighbors, life should not be so difficult. I bet you are glad you don't have to go into work everyday with all that snow!
Have a great week.

Anke said...

That is so sad about your neighbors. Sure makes you wonder about justice in this world...

prin said...


Bad things happen to everybody. We need a little more love in the world...

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh TD, your neighbors story breaks my heart. I want to bring thems something are a good friend. I am sure they will appreciate you bringing bread, or just listening/visiting.
I can't believe that is all the sun you have seen in a while.
I won't complain about our cold weather/wind today and the next few....we are lucky.
Love seeing the pups in the snow. My dogs would freak out...they don't like any cold at all. :)
take care, Suz

C said...

love your photos, all that snow brings back memories for me... that poor sweet couple across the road... you are sweet to take them goodies, it will cheer them. it always astounds me how people can be so cruel to one another... whata bastard for not even caring.

just cant imagine the cold heart.

Adventures In China said...

What an awful story. :( I don't understand it either, why these things happen to good people and the bad guys get off scott free. I believe in karma, that is my only comfort. You have a big heart, Techno.