Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More of the same... but...

...do you see the difference?

Blue sky! Sunshine! OMG!

And nevermind that the driveway is buried under sparkling snow!

I had to hurry and snap some pics before the clouds took over again.

Which they did 30 minutes later.


Basking in the sunlight, you say?

It's not just for cats :)

Mind you, akitas are really just giant cats in a dog's body.


The sunshine only lasted a few minutes but it really does the soul good. In other news my back is on the mend, the barn was nice and warm this morning (albeit very humid), nothing was frozen and everyone had water. A huge relief! As long as we keep the fan off everything seems ok. I also insulated the barn attic trap door yesterday, among other things, that seems to help.

I managed to punch myself in the eye this morning, it's been over two hours now and it still hurts like a bitch, vision is blurred - sigh.

I was trying to shift a heavy bag of food in a plastic bin, bent over, when my glove slipped from the bag and the momentum whacked my clenched hand straight in my left eye.

For a moment I thought I was going blind! Lots of leakage, plenty of cursing, now I look like an abused wife.

OK not really, it's just a bit red but the swelling has gone down.

Yay me!

Wishing you all a swell day, whether you're basking in rain, snow or sun (you lucky Floridians, you) - don't forget to hug your loved ones today, the world does need more love, yes.

/end of Vitamin Sunshine post/


jo.irish.rose said...

oh bless you with your boo boo eye! i have done that before, believe it or not, with a bullet!! i was reaching up on the gun rack to put something away, one of the bullets fell and hit me direct in the eye. scratched the cornea! hurt like a booger. just dont put regular eye drops (contains stuff that burns!!) in your eye. hope it heal pretty fast.

and you all enjoy that sunshine while it lasts. we are having cold now, wishing it was snowing. have a wonderful holiday!!

prin said...

Hehe, I've done that so many times and unlike normal people, I always hope for a shiner and it never happens... :D

Stay warm. It's gonna be winter all week apparently.

Busy Bee Suz said...

You and your poor eye!!!! It is amazing how we can actually hurt ourselves.
I hope you feel better soon.
The Sunshine looks beautiful...pups like it too. Glad you can catch it now and then. IF I could, I would mail it to you.
Tis a bit cold in Florida...we have our heater running day AND night....not normal.

Adventures In China said...

Oh goodness, punching myself in the eye is so something I would do! That snow looks beautiful, although I know it's not fun to deal with. Hope you and all the critters stay toasty warm!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sorry about your eye injury. It is wonderful to see the blue sky. It makes the snow look so pretty. Stay warm!

A blog by the "Farmer" said...

It looks so cold - but your pictures are just stunning. It looks so pretty, Technodoll.

It will be a hard winter, but just as you have overcome all the other challenges, you will beat this down!

How are the boys in the barn? Horrible to clean out daily, eh? I can only imagine.

Hang in there!