Sunday, December 5, 2010

The time has come to say goodbye

Big Daddy is leaving for his new home in a couple of hours.

I'm so very happy for him, but a kinda sad to see him go - he's been a fixture here for almost five months now, wow does time ever go by fast.

I hope his transport goes well as it's a few hours away... No more spending long lonely hours all by himself, at least I hope he has many companions at his new place - he needs that. I wish I could tell him how sorry I am that I wasn't able to erase his inner demons, but at least he's physically healthy again, big and strong.

What an adventure this has all been!

I wanted to thank you all for your kind words of encouragement along the way, and for helping me clear the brain cobwebs the other day.

Not having a paying job is a daily fight to not feel worthless, I don't know where that comes from because no-one but me is pointing the finger. I do see myself more as a human doing than a human being, it's not that I'm lazy - far from it, I have a hard time chilling out - but still, not seeing an influx of funds in my bank account every two weeks takes some getting used to.


Yeah, OK, 'nuff about that.

I have to prep the last flock's new winter quarters in the barn, Vegas and I are moving them this afternoon. Finally everyone in the same place, woo!

Yesterday's move went beautifully, the chooks adapted super quickly to their new surroundings and seem quite content - hurrah! The girls found the nesting boxes this morning, no eggs on the floor or in strange places, mama's very proud :)

Mind you, the horses didn't seem so impressed with all the hollerin'... those damn roosters and their karaoke sessions!

/end of Snowy Sunday post/


Adventures In China said...

I wish Big Daddy well on his new journey. And the fact he is healthy and strong is a HUGE accomplishment! Don't undersell your part in his recovery, my friend. You did A LOT. And now someone else will do for him too, it's great how many people get to love Big Daddy.

I can understand the money thing-- I don't know where it comes from either, but I definitely felt that way over the past few years when I wasn't working for an income.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I am sure that Big Daddy is going to be very happy at his new home.
There is a time and a season for everything. Your season made him strong and healthy!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Big Daddy's life can only get better...right? He is healthy now. For that YOU need to be thanked.
I understand the 'no income' part. It took me a looonnnngggg time to get used to it.
Best of luck today on the finalizing of your winter move.
Rooster araoke? Oh joy. :)

Anke said...

Good luck to big daddy on his journey. You should feel proud of how much you were able to do for him, and helping him find a place that will be able to give him what he needs.
I understand your feelings about not "working" or not making any money. After our girls were born I stayed home for 9 years and it was an adjustment. But I never felt guilty and neither should you. Don't let the "outside" dictate how you live your live.

A blog by the "Farmer" said...

You did a marvelous job with Big Daddy. You stepped into his life at a time when he needed it the most. You have given him a direction and now, he is off. It is a wonderful thing that you did!

Mr Farmer has always told me, since day 1 of our marriage that money will come and money will go but never will the money define us. You may not always have these treasured days (not working outside the home) - enjoy them while they are here.

Will you be posting pictures of the chooks in the barn? Come on, we've been watching the barn progress closely - do share the end results!


A blog by the "Farmer" said...
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