Wednesday, December 22, 2010

As the snow gently falls...

...I wonder how many times we can shovel this winter without going mad?

Best not to think about it.

Today is for some last gift wrapping and some xmas baking (rolled shortbread cookies). I'm also making a butternut squash soup for dinner since I picked up a freshly baked baguette at the baker's this morning - along with the most calorific almond croissants I have ever eaten in my life (I feel sick and buttery after one, lol).

I hope yesterday's trail riding burned enough calories in advance or I won't fit in my pants tomorrow.


Who uses that much butter in a pastry?!

And yes, you read right: yesterday I got to cross an item off my "wish to do before I die" list: to ride my own horse on trails behind my own house!! It was amazing and I can't wait to go again, weather willing. My friend and I only rode for 35 minutes as the snow was quite deep in places, it tires the horses out quickly and we wanted to test Jack first and not push him too much - he's old and we don't know his fitness level yet.

He loved it as much as we did and is totally fine, wooo!

Next ride we can go for an hour - yey!

Right, time to head out to the barn to build the girls a couple of extra nesting boxes, along with a bajillion things I need to do. I'm absolutely buzzing on sugar and caffeine right now so I'll put it to good use!

Holiday cheer right back at ya!

/end of Waaaaaaaagaggaga! post/


Busy Bee Suz said...

Good news for you and Jack!!!!
I hope your Christmas is delightful....those croissants sound divine.

A blog by the "Farmer" said...

WOW - what great news! I am sure that ride was thrilling! Jack is such a good boy, sounds like he is taking great care of his Mom! As times continues, you and Jack will become so much closer... I can't wait to watch that progress and growth.

Butter-smutter. What's wrong with a bit (or several bits) of butter? You young gals worry much to much about your buttocks! Nothing wrong with a big of junk in the trunk - eat on girlfriend!

Farmer said...

hey "sweetie" (since you ate so much sugar) Merry Christmas, et bonne annee! please pass on your recipe for the almond croissants. you can email me at jedaiah2000 at yahoo dot com! all one word. i would love to try it. i love everything almond.

so glad you got to ride your baby. i would love to live up there in the country with 4 real seasons. we are in NC, on the coast. its nice, but i love the north so much more. even better, up in my moms country!!

well, you all have a wonderful holiday. glad you got to cross off something off your "bucket list!"

Anke said...

Wishing you a very merry Christmas, filled with love, laughter,happiness and good food (and wine). ;-)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

How wonderful that you got to go for a ride. I wrapped presents yesterday, today & tomorrow I will be baking my butt off! (wouldn't that be nice if it worked)