Monday, December 6, 2010


Winter's gotta come sometime, I guess.

And it was today!

It snowed, and it blowed, and it snowed some more. It's going to snow until Thursday but we got walloped today, holy cow. Freezing winds driving tiny icy flakes in your delicate eyeballs and ripping the wet snot off your face, yay winter!
Vegas gets to use the snow blower tomorrow morning, somehow I don't think it'll be the highlight of his day but I might document it anyways with a photo, so he can send that to his dad in England to make him snicker. I'm such a good wife :-D

Meanwhile, later that day, I get to do this
around the barn n'junk:

Bah, the dogs are loving it, the chooks are all safe in the barn (I'll post an update in the Chicken Diaries tomorrow, with lots of pics) and the horses stayed inside today, such good boys - it's a lot of poop to muck but man, the wind was brutal today. Can't subject the old geezers to that. Brrr!

I got the vet bill for Jack's choke emergency last week. $498. And then another $155 for his teeth float. Did I mention that I am a stay at home farmer wife with no income?

Yeah. We need a new vet, this one's ridiculously overpriced.


Random thought: Five things that taste really nice with chocolate:
  • sliced apples and bananas (with chocolate syrup)
  • peanut butter toast (topped with chocolate spread)
  • müesli (with dark chocolate bits)
  • hot milk in a cup
  • pretzels (dipped in chocolate)
I tried to make orange marmalade today, I think it's tasty - dunno how much convincing Vegas will need to try some on toast as he's pretty finicky about marmalade, but that's OK, I'll eat it if he doesn't want to.

We had a bag of "too tough to eat" oranges sitting on the counter for three weeks or so, getting all dusty and crap - you know how I hate throwing food away, eh? So I thought to wash them, cut them up in little bits and boil them in a pot with a ton an appropriate amount of sugar and let simmer for a while, then add some fresh lemon and lime juices, whir up in the food processor and voilà, a gorgeous orange strange-tasting mess.

I swear I'll eat it before it turns green.


Good god, will it ever stop snowing? I can't even see the barn. Snow is piled high up against our doors, how are you supposed to open them without making a mess?

I should call the Snow Removal Angel to the rescue:

Don't ask.
I really don't know.

I'll see if I can get some christmas lights up around our front porch this week, I don't see any hooks anywhere and don't want to drill any holes so who knows what we'll end up with. Maybe just lights in the windows. Easier. We'll see.

Don't even ask about the christmas tree!

/end of I'm Not Ready Yet! post/


Lou said...

If I ever win the lottery.... ha ha..... I'm coming over for a visit, hell I'll even chip in to send Vegas to vet school, can't say fairer than that.

D'you know what else is good with chocolate???................. .

.............more chocolate!

That's no angel!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Chocolate is just plain good.
I can't believe you made marmalade....I would have just composted the oranges. :)
Vets are expensive...critters are expensive hobbies, ay?
Good luck with all that snow. Pictures please. :)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I'm feeling cold and hungry. So sorry about that vet bill. Hope you can find one who isn't so expensive. Stay warm and cozy. Enjoy that marmalade!