Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Don't eat yellow snow

Today is almost a repeat of yesterday, weather-wise...

Hey, saves me on blogging - here goes a twofer! :-D

Woke up to this crap wrapped around the house...

Can you hear my groan as I contemplated
having to clear a path through all that for the doggies?
I'll bet you can!
Notice the abominable BBQ beast in the corner...

The horses had been cooped up in the barn for two days
so I put them outside for a couple hours,
they needed to stretch their legs and get some air.
Old man Jack was not impressed!

OK, part one of the deck clearing done...
Until the winds blew the crap right back on the stairs
two hours later. 
Lovely :-D

I cannot tell you how exhausted I was at this point.
This was after mucking out stalls, 
carrying loads of crap in thigh-deep snow
to and from the barn,
shoveling paths around the barn for the horses
caring for 50 chickens
on no breakfast and not a drop of coffee.
Yeah, I'm an eejit!

I gave up at this point. 
Nevermind clearing the whole deck!
Who builds decks this big in Canada, anyways?
Oh, dumbasses like us :-D

Yeah, we like big things...
Like mile-long driveways and stuff.
Thank goodness Vegas fixed Big Bertha
(the snow blower has a name, yes)
or we'd be stuck like flies to molasses!

So anytime I refer to a snowstorm, just come back and look at this post if I'm too lazy to post pics. Unless another tree falls on our car or something. Please lordy no.

I've another photography contract to wrap up this afternoon, then another one on Saturday so that should be fun. At least these ones are inside, for a change! Vegas is gone to the city so I'm on foot, it's bleddy snowing and blowing so I hope they pay me in hot tea. Sigh.

One of my beautiful pullets (young hens) is sick, she has the lurgy... I put her in isolation with meds last night and she coughed a wad of snot on my cheek.

It made me want to cry.

/end of Happy Hump Day, Peeps! post/


Anke said...

Holy mackerel did you guys get a lot of snow! Unbelievable! I would guess Vegas and Big Bertha are pretty close and personal by now...

Adventures In China said...

Sorry to hear your hen is sick, hope she gets better soon.

MY that is a lot of snow! I got tired just looking at it. Canadians are tough and can survive anything, you have practice!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

So sorry about your young hen.
OMG that is a lot of snow. I am cold just looking at your pictures.
Jack didn't look to happy. Glad your doing some sessions with your photography. Stay warm and eat some breakfast girl!

Busy Bee Suz said...

So that is what snow looks like? I no likey. I think Jack feels the same way; at least that is what his face is saying to me.
I imagine you were exhausted...poor thing. You need Bertha on your deck to clear your path!
Take care.

Hugs for the sick baby.