Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Giant raging wind storm.
Very tiring.
Weirdly warm outside.
Quick photo session in our park with a cute JRT.
Second half of photo shoot scheduled at her house next week.
She was too obsessed with trying to hunt chickens!
Got some nice pics though.
Surprised and relieved.
Did I mention the hurricane winds?
Big Daddy's hay kept flying everywhere in the field.
Poor baby :(
Dinner = baked béchamel veggie casserole.
Super yummy.
Cherry-chip cupcakes with vanilla frosting for dessert.
Thank you Betty Crocker!
So. Bleddy. Tired.
Inner thighs and groin muscles hurt like a mo-fo.
15 minutes of riding, 2 days of pain.
No comment!
Pics tomorrow... maybe.
Good night.

4 comments: said...

we had raging winds yesterday with rain and blustery most of the day. last night the temp was a balmy 55-60 degrees. today it starting diving down to around 40-45 and now it is supposed to freeze tonight! i love it. everyone was out today in winter jackets, coats...etc. i went out without my coat, just a long sleeve shirt. i felt so wonderfully exillerated over the cold front. had a slight headache before it hit. but you know? i would take a week of migraines to have a wonderful snow for Christmas. i sure am a yankee girl at heart living in a rebel state! lol

looking forward to your blustery pics. HAVE A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS AND BONNE ANNEE!

Adventures In China said...

Pics, please!

Your inner thighs will look FABOO in no time, though!

Hope the winds died down!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Love this synopsis. Not the sore legs though.

myself said...

I would like the recipe for the baked bechamel veggie bla bla bla svp!!!!! yummers!!!