Friday, December 3, 2010

Learning the ropes

Well, learning the belly straps and thingimadings...

Yep, I decided to saddle my boy up all on my own today and although it could have gone better, it could have gone worse, too. Jack is such a patient, kind teacher - I couldn't have asked for a better four-legged friend to help me figure these things out!

I ended up with the saddle too far back from his withers and sitting a tad crooked, I promise to do it better next time. I've no idea if I cinched the belly strap the right way, either, but everything held so it must have been sort of OK?

Looking at the pics Vegas took this afternoon renders me pink with embarrassment, I am such a bleddy novice at this riding thing :-/
However if you click on the pics,
you might see me grinning like an eejit:

I can't ride worth crap right now
but that's another adventure to conquer:

Jack just guided me gently under some low-hanging evergreens just there...
I had no idea a horse could be this amazing.

So there you have it,
another first for little ol'moi :-D

It was just a few minutes around the house, but still! I'm proud that I at least tried. 

Now the snow is moving in, we're scheduled for at least six days in a row (if not more) of the stuff. Vegas tested the snow blower this afternoon - it passed - and tomorrow morning we're moving the main flock into their new winter quarters in the barn, everything is all set up for them. All those weeks of hard renovation work finally paying off, woo!

I don't know if I'll be able to ride Jack before spring, it will depend on how much snow we get, how icy the ground is, what shape he's in and a whole lotta other stuff. In the meantime the ol'man gets spoiled with two warm "mash soups" a day, plenty of good hay, fresh air, grooming, clean bedding, cuddles, the works.

Sounds like a cool retirement home, minus the Floridian sunshine - LOL!

You guys getting any snow yet?
Are your Christmas trees up?
Started your gift shopping?

/end of Proud Mama In The Making post/


myself said...

yes he is a good boy to allow you to ride him

one bit of advice, hands down. keep your hands near the saddle as much as you can, holding them up you're pulling on his mouth, and although he's a good old boy, they sort of grow "immune" to the feeling and won't do as you command when you really need him to. If that makes sense? it's been a while since my riding lessons...but I can always remember hearing "hands downnnnnnn!!!!!"

C said...

you look right at home there, sistah.

what a good boy..

Roshan said...

Looking good on the horsie. Very nice. I'd like to ride horse, I've only done it twice in my life and both times while on vacation. I remember once in the 10th grade on a school trip to Koddaikanal, we all rode horses.

ModernMom said...

Oh you are so amazing! I have no idea how to ride...but you look good:)
Enjoy every day.
Oh and we have snow now and it's staying. yuck

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I did see that smile! Hooray for you. Tree is up but not done, no other decorations are up. No cards have been written. Almost done shopping.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love to see your smile while riding....and I think he is smiling too.
{I think you are SO smart wearing a helmet....would not risk it otherwise myself}
Snow for 6 days??? bless you. bless you.

I won't tell you about our weather. :)
Glad the flock will be comfy and work so hard for them.

Yes, the trees are up. Lights are up. I only do a little shopping, so I still have time.

A blog by the "Farmer" said...

WOW! You and Jack did an amazing job! Don't worry about the saddling, you'll get used it before long and do it without thought!

You guys look great! Just awesome!