Thursday, December 23, 2010

Are you ready? It's almost tiiiiiiiime!!

Yes yes, Christmas is almost here! 

Can you feel it? 


OK, today I made...

My stepmom's fruity butter shortbread cookies,
and they are DA BOMB!

Special holiday amaretto krispie balls:

Some weird "bonbons de noël" recipe I found in my mom's old cookbook,
I messed up and they are waaaay too sweet...
Um :-/

Farm fresh eggs, bacon, corn, spinach, green onions and cheese
with a hint of smoked chipotle peppers:

At my two brothers' request,
(they ask every year lol)
here are my mint rocky road squares:

And although these little meatballs look pretty gross in the photo,
they are very tender and tasty -
smothered in a roasted red pepper bbq sauce, mmm!

So. Presents are all wrapped and snuggled under the tree and I've done all my xmas baking bar one dish (smoked salmon pasta salad), which needs to be made fresh on the 25th just before leaving for my bro's place - we're having our family potluck buffet with gift exchange, it's always great fun :)

Everyone's contributing lots of yummy food and peripherals for the buffet table so I may have to wear pants with an elastic waist. And no chest-constricting bra. OK fine, everyone in jammies! Yey!

The day started out rough though...

Sigh. Yet more snow.

Enough for Vegas to haul out Big Bertha in order to get the car on the road -
see him waaaay over there near the stables?
(click if you're near-sighted, lol)

So in order to combat eye fatigue due to intense white 
and gloomy greys,
and because he's just the Best Husband Evar,
he brought me home this gorgeous (and huge!) Christmas bouquet -
I am so! spoiled!!

I may have to marry him all over again :-D

Tomorrow night, the 24th, is reserved for Vegas and I (and the doggies, of course) - not sure what we're having for dinner but afterwards will be cheesy xmas elevator muzak, santa hats on our heads and the ripping open of presents and stockings, yay!

This is my last post until boxing day, so from the bottom of my heart I wish you all a very merry Christmas (whether you celebrate it or not!), may joy, love, happiness and peace wrap you all in a warm embrace of health and wealth - the soul kind.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

/end of Festivus Oven post/

9 comments: said...

ohhh! everything looks so wonderful! what time do you want us? lol

i made une tourtiere and cretons, its a tradition for me and my hubby and family. we dont have a real "reveillons" and go to midnight service, but we do go to an earlier candle light service, this will be the 1st for my son and his family living here. making some Christmas confetti cupcakes tomorrow. we are smoking a brisket and turkey breast. so i am making home made baked beans. also, lacey cookies, my son loves those...they are made with almonds too.

if i was in the best of health there would be lots more. oh well, it will be good. i just don't have pics of mine yet!

have a wonderful merry holiday!

Adventures In China said...

Merry Christmas! Everything looks delish!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Wow, everything looks delicious. I bet the quiche with the farm fresh eggs is wonderful. You have been very busy! Enjoy each moment! The flowers are beautiful, how sweet Vegas is. That is a lot of snow!
Stay safe on the roads. A picture of my family will be up tomorrow if you get a chance :) xoxo

Anke said...

Wow, your food looks sooooo good! I'd definitely have to wear pants with elastic in them if I was at your house, yummy!
Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones, the two and four legged ones.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Your baking puts me to shame.
Love your flowers, not your snow.
Have a wonderful Christmas...I hope you get all you deserve. (and I only mean the good stuff!!!!)

prin said...

If I was normal, I'd soooo eat them meatballs.

Yey for flowers. :)

Merry crimmas, you.

Lady Banana said...

Wow, you were a busy baking bunny! I had no time as was working till the very last minute, was ok though!

Hope you had a lovely Christmas and are not too overly expanded like I seem to feel! lol

Anonymous said...

you food looked amazing as always! How do you stay so skinny?!?!?

Anonymous said...

you food looked amazing as always! How do you stay so skinny?!?!?