Thursday, December 16, 2010

Everything hurts

My back. My neck. My asscheeks.
My heart.

I blogged about the heart bit here if you want to know.

The rest is attributable to the dogs,
well not Maika, she actually behaved today.
It's meathead that gave me the finger this afternoon!

This! Dang! Dog!

I took them both for a romp in the snowy woods,
and Dakotah decided to take himself on a long walk
while I was struggling behind in knee-high snow-
only he didn't come back when I called,
and called,
and called,
and called.

I had to follow his tracks in the snow,
Maika keeping me company,
for 30 minutes while calling non-stop!

He had wandered off to some new residential area,
what the eff?!

I could have strangled the little turd when he finally came back
only I was soooo tired
and sore
and we had a long trek back to the car.

Did I mention the knee-high snow?!

No dessert for him tonight!

In other news,
I'm off for a hot bubble bath now -
yes, before dinner
which will be cheese on toast
and a rum-and-coke.

Blame the dog!


Vegas said...

Sorry about the asscheeks.

C said...

yeah vegas, what have you done to nikki?

it sounds like you are taking good care of your poor lil bruised and aching body, mon amie...

hope you feel better soon.

merry christmas to you and the fam, i hope you guys have a love filled and peaceful holiday!
my son christophe is applying @ Université Laval for next fall.. it is a sister school to UNO where he goes now, and it will cost the same and he'll be in the dorm... it is his dream. he had to take a universal french test to prove his proficiency in french and passed it. he is so excited. i am happy for lui but i will miss him so much. i need to get in touch with my cousins so he can have someone to connect with.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Sorry about your pain...especially your heart. I don't know how you do it TD.
That dog needs a good spanking. Or something.

prin said...

Bad doggy. :(

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I thought after that last time when they both wondered off you would have them on a leash. So sorry about that, what a workout you had. Hope your evening was better after that bath, dinner and coke :)

Adventures In China said...

Hope you are feeling better!

Roshan said...

Sorry about ur asscheeks but Dakota is my kinda dog. He's mischievous and devious but he's got a heart of gold.