Thursday, September 16, 2010

Autumn light

Mother Nature has been mighty capricious the past week, if you don't like what she's offering at the moment just wait ten minutes because it's going to change!
Snapped from our back deck after dinner last night -
Big Daddy snacking in the background:

This is straight from camera, no photo alterations -
it was just beautiful after a dark cold day!

In a few weeks those trees will be dressed in carnival colors so stick around for more evidence of the fast approaching winter!

Speaking of cold, we're soon getting near-freezing temps at night so one of my projects today includes winterizing the small coop where our banties sleep -

Remember the re-purposed ice fishing shack?

The windows have gaps all around them so they need sheeting with plastic to cut the drafts - I also need to clean up all the cobwebs near the tin roof and try to plug the gaps there with pink insulation fiber. That will allow me to use the 175W heating lamp during the night so the wee ones don't freeze when the temps dip below zero.

By end of October the flocks' new winter quarters should be all ready (I'm fixing up part of the stables for them), it will be sad to not see them free-range outside during the day but what can you do - it's gonna be cold, dark and full of snow until next spring so we have to adapt.

Farm life - gotta love it!

Maybe I should have put this post on the Chicken Diaries... OoooOooops. Ah well, it will be a double post. Deal with it :-D

In other news... My youngest brother and his girlfriend finally found their dream house, we're going to be neighbors! OK not really but it's only a 20 minute drive, how cool is that?

Gotta run, I've got a million things to do today - cheerios!

/end of I Miss My Husband post/


Lou said...

Gorgeous picture. We're sharing the same weather!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That photo is perfect, it's absolutely beautiful. Can't wait to see the color change, don't see much here in CA. How awesome to have them so close to you, that will be fun.

Anke said...

That picture is stunning! Beautiful colors, how lucky are you to have that in your backyard... Near freezing temps??? We're still in the 90's during the day (Arrgh) and mid to upper 60's at night...

Lady Banana said...

Ughhh so not looking forward to winter, it lasts way too long and summer went too fast for me..

Busy Bee Suz said...

20 minutes is CLOSE. Yipppeee.
Take this same photo in a month, ok?
Glad you are getting some work done before the weather changes. AND we are still running our A/C..HOT baby!

C said...

wow whatta photo!!! beautiful.

i am so glad your family will be closer to you.. it will be so nice to get together more! winter parties on a cold night.... good foods... games or cards or movies oh my!!!

Adventures In China said...

That picture is gorgeous! And yes, I do love your farm life! :)