Thursday, September 9, 2010

Error 503

Blogger's been misbehaving the past few days, giving me a blank page with "Error 503 - service unavailable" messages - gooaaah!

So annoying!

Plus it's slow as molasses despite us having super-duper high speed innernets - anyone else experiencing blogger doldrums lately?

I'm still ages behind in reading everyone's blogs. Dunno why... I'm rarely online during the day and I'm busy editing photos and playing spider solitaire in the evenings, diving into facebook and researching cameras and all that nonsense...
OK, let me break this down a bit:

More Norton...
Still lots of pics to edit but it's fun!

I love me a good photo shoot :)

Editing the pics made me take a hard look at the main areas I need to address in getting a new camera that's adapted to my shooting style - current areas of contention that need fixing, what I can afford vs what I have that I can keep, etc.

It hit me like a ton of bricks while researching options: duh, the whole time it was staring at me in the face and I never saw it, LOL!

So I placed my order today... my new toy will be shipped this week - SO EXCITED!

I got me this:

The Nikon D90 - isn't she beautiful? :-)

I only needed to order the body since I have 3 expensive lenses that fit, plus external flash and everything - it would have been dumb (not to mention unaffordable) to move over to a new brand and start from scratch. This way I get my cake and eat it too before I'm too old to enjoy it, LOL!

This is a big upgrade from my D40x, which I'll have had for 5 years now come Christmas. Everything I've been bitching about (slow auto-focus, poor performance in low light, lens dust, no white balance, etc) should be fixed with this baby. It even records movies, woo!

I just need a couple more photo gigs and it will be paid off in no time.

Happy, happy me :)

Wishing you all a great Thursday!

/end of I Promise To Visit! post/


Candice said...

You take beautiful pictures! Can't wait to see what you do with your new camera!

prin said...

Um. But it won't fix any of those things if the lenses are the culprit...

Technodoll said...

prin the problems are with the camera and not the lenses, in any case if there isn't much improvement with the new D90 after testing I can either return it or buy a new all-purpose lens (after liquidating all my stock). it works :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

I've not been having blogger issues...sorry TD.
So excited for your new baby arrive...oh the joy you will feel!

Debby said...

Sorry about the blogger issues. Please don't send them my way.
Congratulations on the camera!

C said...

i have had those same error issues when i click on a blog to pull it up it comes up with error... so WTH?

cant wait to see more pics, you are so gifted, really, and i think it is one of your gifts...

JeanMarie said...

Thought you wanted a Canon, or wait, was that me?