Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday in point form

  • I promise to catch up on your blogs this weekend!
  • Pinkie promise :)
  • My dad's coming over for dinner tonight
  • He had a funeral to go to not far from here this afternoon
  • His last living auntie died :(
  • So it was a rush to clean the house for an overnight guest today
  • All done though
  • Got up early, drove to get some stall mats
  • They were free, I'll get up early for free stuff anytime
Bonus material:
  • Big Daddy colicked again yesterday afternoon, it was hell
  • The vet is coming over Tuesday morning to give him a full physical
  • He could die if he keeps getting colics :(

Extra bonus material:
  • My new toy arrived this morning!
  • Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  • Free one-day shipping, how about that?
  • The battery's all charged up now, lenses on...
  • I'm testing it, like, NOW!
  • Byeeeee!

7 comments: said...

techno.....if you had not written "lenses on" when you wrote about your "new toy" go back and read all your comments you sounds pretty kinky....but then, that is just where my mind is! i just happened to know you are fiend for cameras and figured you got a new one, so we should see some photos soon, eh? and quit giving us suggestive material like that! lmao! i was rolling! have fun with your new toy and your camera! ha ha

Adventures In China said...

So sorry to hear Big Daddy is still ill. I hope he gets better.

Yay for new lenses! My camera broke just before I left China, and I feel strange not having one. A camera is more important than I realized!

Have a great weekend!!

P.S. I still haven't found any good Chinese restaurants :( But luckily I can cook it at home :)

Adventures In China said...

Oops, I meant yay for new camera! I had an brain lapse.

C said...

allo, mon amie... i hope BD gets better, i love him and he is too special to be sick. poor lil pony....
about your comment on my 9/11 post, i def. agree with you that all this thats happened is caused by the political bullshit games the countries play and it's just sad that people get killed over power hungry, greedy politicians decisions.. i'm sure it has long been in the making. and you know what? i dont know if i fully believe there wasnt a conspiracy, we will never know in this life time...

have a great weekend. give BD a nice gentle rubbing for me. and kisses. dont forget the kisses. oh and soft words too.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh I hope big Daddy gets healthier!!!
Yay for new toys and for Daddy's coming over too. Enjoy your weekend.

Debby said...

Sorry about Big Daddy. Hope the vet can help. Hope your visit with your dad was wonderful. Enjoy your new toy! My daughter always makes me pinkie promise.

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

I really enjoy your blog a lot. Sorry to learn bout Big Daddys issues. He's a handsome guy! I don't mean to tell you something you may already know but wanted to offer a wee bit o help if I could... Belgians are very prone to certain muscle issues, especially Equine PSSM. Often that's why they end up at the horrible killer sales... I've had my own Clyde with this and have attended a lecture by a great vet who explained a lot and it's helped me. I just saw a friends post that might be of interest to you. If it were me I'd change the diet and not bother testing. Hope I'm wrong and it's just a bit of temporary ulcer tummy from the move etc etc. I'll check back to see what your vet thinks. Good luck!