Sunday, September 19, 2010

Come walk with us!

The beanies love it when they get to walk around the neighborhood (as opposed to roaming the fields and woods), something about an abundance of brightly-painted pee posts and new stomping grounds?
Not impressed, mom -
This is old news!

OooOOo that one, we want that one
in the middle of nowhere!

Gratuitous bum shot :-D

News outpost for long dogs only -
so they had to improvise...

Youths up to no good in one of the local parks-
trading drugs and you think we don't know?
*rolls eyes*

Moving along, things to see
and stuff to pee on...

This is the street that borders our property,
the houses on the right side
back out to our fields.
Sweet deal for them: they see horses,
we see their houses' arses.

Now tree art in the world can
camouflage fugly sparkly pink bricks!

View of our stables from said street,
our house is behind there somewhere...

Most days our neighborhood is awesome and we're lucky not to be out in the boonies surrounded by pig farms. However yesterday one of the jerks across the street decided to burn a mountain of trash/scrap wood in his back yard (which is not permitted, btw) and smoked everybody up to hacking coughs, gasps and burning eyes... all. effing. afternoon. long. On a warm sunny Saturday! Asshole! Thick acrid smoke that danced in the wind and invaded every corner of our property and even our house, we couldn't breathe - oh man, if he starts another fire today I'm calling the cops on him, the inconsiderate jackass!

*end rant*

Wishing you all a great rest of weekend - anyone else having a good time? :-)

/end of Mister Rogers post/


C said...

hey you guys... what a lovely post and thank you so much for the walk around your hood. i love stuffs like this.. it looks like you live in a lervly lil community.. do you have a downtown area? i'd love to see that. quaint lil canadian stores with their quaint lil canadian decor.. i love canada! half of my heart lives there.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Your community look very nice. Sorry about the jerk of a neighbor.
Why can't people follow the rules.
Like he doesn't know about pollution!

Posh Totty said...

such a beautiful neighbourhood you live in :O)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Love your neighborhood. Minus the fire starter. I would call the authorities for sure.
Love seeing your pups all around the cute.
Great photos!!!

Roshan said...

What lovely pics! The dogs are gorgeous, even the bum photo! The neighbourhood looks awesome.

Katie said...

What a beautiful neighborhood. I always love pictures of your beautiful puppies. The day looks absolutely beautiful.

Lady Banana said...

What a beautiful place you live in, another world compared to London!

Candice said...

What a nice neighborhood! A farm so near to the city is such a rare thing! You really are lucky not to be in the middle of nowhere!