Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What's up, sugarcup?

Oh not much, just the usual I suppose...

Just breathing in endless dramatic skies and ducking from the nonstop rain (this September = wettest I can remember in a long time!), trying to get enough energy to propel myself off the couch and get on with house chores and barn renovations.

Maybe I need another coffee??

Or six.

I really, really have to get out to the nearby mountains to snap the blooming leaves before the next windstorm strips the trees bare, mental note: this week, sans faute. Pinkie promise to self, weather be damned.

The butterfly winked to seal the deal:

This is our house, sandwiched between September skies
and the horse buffet:

Big Daddy enjoys chilling out in his bunker,
all sleepy and whatnot:

Ever so curious: Mom? Whatchoo doing?
Can I eat it?

Bah, back to the nap since there are no treats today...

Big doofus! LOL!

Thursday is my annual GP visit and I've got a list for her... Must talk about/evaluate my high blood pressure, get a reference to see an allergy specialist, renew some prescriptions and maybe get some blood tests done, although I got a full panel last year and she never called me back about it, which means everything was in the norms. Huh.

Aging sucks body-wise, but spirit-wise we're doing A-OK ;-)

Wow, the rains have stopped - yippee!

*launches self outside to do farm stuff*

/end of What Day Are We? post/


A blog by the "Farmer" said...

So... I'm madly in love with Big Daddy? What can I say? The phrase, "Who's your big daddy?" has taken on new meaning. At least, you don't have to worry about giving him a bath with all your rains! Lucky girl... try wrestling down a 34" inch horse to wipe his face.

Your place is just gorgeous! Stunning! Lovely! It will be everything you want it to be. Day by day, project by project...

I'm with you on the aging process, sista. I've hit 42! $@! (That's 42 in capital letters!) What happened to 32? Time flies... Enjoy every moment.


Busy Bee Suz said...

I must send some treats for Big Daddy...can't stand to see him sulk.
Good luck on your Dr. visit....I cant imagine you having any health issues.....you are nearly perfect. Well, except for withholding horse treats.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Hope all goes well at the doctor. Sorry about the rain. The pictures are great. Big Daddy is a doll!

Lady Banana said...

I love love your photos, particularly the one of your house and the sky, oh and the ones of Big Daddy! :)