Monday, September 20, 2010

Polls, frozen fingers and cheap carrots

There you go, my whole blog post in one title:

-there's a new poll up, please go cast your votes if not already done 'cuz I love seeing where my readers stand on certain issues (that, and I'm nosey) :-D

-there is a frost warning in effect for tonight, as if that was big news... it froze last night too, as evidenced by my icy extremities despite two layers of socks and stuff. I refuse to heat the house just yet, the coldest it has gone down to is 17C and most of the time it's 20C so really, it's psychosomatic. I sleep naked and kick off the covers in the middle of the night cuz I'm too warm.

-at least the days are sunny and warm... for a few more bits.

-carrots are at an all-time cheap these days, woo! I love our local produce store... This week 2lb bags of big fresh carrots are $0.50 and older ones (for the horse) are $0.35 so guess what we're all eating for the next few weeks, LOL!

I have more to blog about but it didn't fit in my post title so it'll be for another time.

Devious, innit?

Anybody scoring some great sales on local end-of-season produce? How do you keep warm with the dropping temps, not you Busy Bee - we know you're still boiling in Florida, LOL!

/end of Happy Monday, Peeps! post/


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Frost already - it's too soon!!

C said...

well.... we were having nice brisk fall weather enough to wear a light jacket.. and boom today it's mid 80's and climbing. my body was set for fall and now the heat today just doesnt fit...

hope it doesnt last too long. i need to move on.. lol.

Anke said...

Dropping temps - I wish... It is unseasonably hot here right now, like a hellish 94 today! Mother nature must not have gotten the memo on turning the heat down...

Busy Bee Suz said...


yes, I was shouting.

I can't believe it. You live in the tundra my friend. And I live in an oven.

I love carrots too, I might be part horse. Or bunny.

Foothills Poultry said...

dropping temps??? where?

We are in the middle of yet another heat way. We hit 90F again today. Our normal high this time of year is 76F. 2 days till Fall and we are still dealing with summer temps


Lady Banana said...

I love carrots, raw or cooked! :)