Saturday, September 4, 2010

This, I like

The hellish week-long heat wave finally broke overnight like an overripe zit.

It's 21C this morning, sunny, nice and breezy.


We can get back to our lives now!


Migraine, day 2.

Vegas rubbed my neck yesterday morning and it helped relieve knots and bolts so I asked him for some more this morning. Except that something went wrong on my right side and now I'm jammed tight and can't move my head or lift my arm. Noooooo! I have so much fun stuff to do today and I can't move save for breathing! Advil isn't helping a whit - sumbitch!


Heard the other day from said Vegas:

What do 9 out of 10 people enjoy?
Gang rape



I know, that was a terrible, terrible joke.

I still laughed :-D


The roosters are having a scream fest today and the hens are joining in, they must be celebrating the lovely weather. It's been very hard on them and not being able to do anything about it just sucked. My heart's at peace now :)


It's a long weekend for many people, not that I notice anymore (amen) - wishing you all a lovely little holiday, do come by to tell me about it!

/end of Uncensored post/


Debby said...

Sorry about the migraine and the neck. Have you tried Aleve? So glad your weather broke. We have no plans this weekend. Did a Costco run last night, nothing else going on. Have a nice one!

Adventures In China said...

Hooray for cooler weather! Hope your head and body feel better soon. Hot stone massages are miracle workers! heehee

C said...

sorry you are hurting...

have you ever been to a chiropractor? it helped me with sciatica... jus sayin...

have a great weekend.


prin said...

Pinched nerve? More massage?

Busy Bee Suz said...

I am so happy you have a break from the heat. Share???
I am starting to think you need your own personal chiropractor on hand. yes? Or perhaps a hot tub??
Enjoy your weekend.
We already attended a party...and hosting one tomorrow.
Monday, I will be pooped out. :)

Farley said...

tell dad hes bad lol