Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jeebus heck it's cold out there

It's Siberia!

Dipped in an ice bucket!

Every winter we get a few "cold snaps" and this year's no exception... I hope this one doesn't last too long.

Of course when it's too cold to go out and enjoy nature, the sun shines bright in the blue blue sky. Then it gets normal-cold and the skies turn gunmetal grey and the snow collapses on our heads again.


I had to go buy old man Jack a winter blanket yesterday - only the horse supply store didn't have anything warm in his size, they only had a rain sheet (and an expensive one, at that) so Mr Fuzzy's all decked out today in his new gear. At least it will help cut the wind and keep him dry, he tends to collect ice on his long coat which takes forever to dry - can't have a humid horse in this weather, it's a risk for pneumonia and other delights.

I'd take a photo but my camera will freeze outside!

In other news - who am I kidding, there is no other news. I'm boring. My life is a never-ending round-trip between the house and the barn, my hours are filled with night sleep and day doodads.

I dream of travel, of London, of taking that perfect photo, yet I dread the return of warm weather as that means countless hours of farm work: rebuilding, cleaning and maintaining three chicken coops and runs, horrible yard and garden work, post-winter crap cleanup in the huge paddocks and around the house, and I digress.

Bah, that's just my winter laziness speaking.

The less one does, the less one feels like doing.

Hence the expanding muffin-top around my middle.

Being plagued with a strange germ isn't helping. It's like an invisible twin strapped to my back, pricking my lungs with a tiny pitchfork, weighing me down with sticky funk. My mood's all over the place, I never feel refreshed when I get up in the morning and I just wish I could find the mojo to do something about it.


Very much looking forward to a weekend at my mom's. Then hopefully a short visit to my dad's place no too far after that. A horseback ride would be nice, if the frickin' weather would cooperate.

I need a kick in the ass!

/end of Rumbles & Mumbles post/


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sorry it's so cold but I know that before you know it everyone will be saying "it's SO hot!" When you said "the less one does, the less one feels like doing", OMG that is me! I have been that way for years and it's hard pulling yourself out of it.

Anke said...

Dont' feel bad, it's the same thing here. Every time it warms up a bit and we enjoy the above freezing temps it gets cold again. They're forecasting between 7 - 12 inches of snow again starting Tuesday. Gack, I'm so sick of snow and ice - that's why we live in AL, so we don't have to put up with that...

Busy Bee Suz said...

I hate when an evil twin attaches itself to us.
I hope you feel better soon. I hope you get some warm sunshine and less home/barn work. I hope Mr. Jack feels nice and toasty too.