Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hello, new year

Well, 2011 started out pretty foggy, both inside and out... the heavy weather makes for a nasty migraine and I promise you it is *not* due to alcohol! A few painkillers later and the pounding head is relentless. I hope it's not a sign of things to come :-o
See? Foggy bottoms:

Our friend Jeff put this in my xmas stocking, 
he thought it was something like magic mushrooms no doubt. 
But no, lo and behold - chemical magic!
(I have to say, it looks more like a mushroom than a tree!)

One of my prezzies from Vegas, 
please no jokes about "the gift of cock" -
this little roo is awesome!!

Last night was spent quietly at home, we made sushi rolls and they were ay-may-zing!! Like, seriously. Even better than many restaurant sushis I've had in my life. We stuffed our faces, had sparkling perrier, I had a glass of wine to beat the blues and we topped all that off with fresh pineapple and frozen vanilla yogurt. Yummy!

In other news, new fuzzy babies are (hopefully) underway... posted a pic HERE!

I'll be revisiting 2010 in another post, a retrospective of sorts. I'm too full of pounding cobwebs right now to think straight, and we're leaving for the city soon to meet up with friends and deliver eggs.

How did you celebrate the new year?

/end of Yay We Made It Again post/


prin said...

I fucking love that cock. It's like a darker, more goth version of the HoHo and pengy I got from Mike.

And also, Perrier gives me a migraine. I don't know why.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

So sorry about the migraine. Hope you feel better soon.

Love your gifts, the rooster is so cute. Your evening sounds like it was nice. We didn't do anything special. Had some snacks, watched the New Year's shows on TV.

Happy New Year!

C said...

i love your french cock, nikki... he's a bute!

your evening sounds so peaceful! i am glad you had a good one. i hope you feel better wiff da headache... jo suffers nearly every day with hers too. said...

god bless your little head! i have terrible migraines. i hate that you have a foggy day, but to be honest they are good for me. the sunny days make my migraines hurt more. the bightness makes them pound. try drinking a coke or mountain dew or strong coffee or tea really fast, or take hi dose of aspirin, that should stop the pounding....poor lil thing. i get nauseated when it gets that
bad. i have Rx for mine.

i too love your rooster. i don't eat sushi but my son and husband both make and eat them. so does my daughter. we lived in japan for 4 years. they aquired the taste for it there.

glad u had a good new years. cant wait to see your new fuzzy chickies. i love lil babies, all kinds.

Posh Totty said...

Happy New Year! Xx

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love Mr. Rooster. He is adorable...and the magic tree is really cool. I want one too.
I hope your head clears up, be safe out there!!!
Happy 2011!