Friday, January 7, 2011

How does this happen?

We've been living in this house for over a year and a half now - I'd say we're mostly unpacked, not at all decorated but pretty functional. The kitchen is packed full with stuff, there's still some spare room in a cupboard or two but that's pretty much it.

So, um.

I accidentally found an empty drawer the other day.

I know - crazy!

I don't think I've even ever seen that drawer before, which is next to one I often use!

How does this happen? :-o

It's still empty, btw.

I'm afraid that if I put anything in there I'll never find it again!

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/end of Mystery Wrapped In Enigmas post/


Debby@Just Breathe said...

That is really interesting, how could that happen!!!

Anke said...

Wish that would happen to me - way too much stuff in all of our drawers. I'm talking about the ones in the kitchen, of course... ;-)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Perhaps that is where you keep the winning lotto tickets???

Adventures In China said...

Haha, that is really funny! Maybe it's an entrance to a secret world. Jump in!

prin said...

It happens to me all the time, except that I find them because a certain boy decides to fill them with things that probably were better off in that drawer anyway, had I known it existed.

C said...

that is funny! i hope no boogymen are hidin in there... and i hope you feel better soon!

Lady Banana said...

If you don't want it, I need it!!